Teen Girls Take More Risks While Driving, New Survey Finds

Author: Allison Reilly
Published: April 26, 2012 at 11:45 pm

A new survey from Bridgestone America found that teen girls are 15 percent more likely than teen boys to engage in risky behavior while behind the wheel. The most common distracting behaviors reported were changing music on car stereos, playing loud music, and having at least one passenger in the car.

Even though those were the most common distracting behaviors, the survey also found that girls were more likely than boys to engage in even more dangerous driving behaviors, such as eating/drinking and texting. Full survey results can be found at www.teensdrivesmart.com.

The good news behind this survey is that teens are aware of what constitutes "distracted driving", and seem to be minimizing distractions as much as possible while driving. The survey spoke with over 2000 drivers aged 15-21, and found that they perceive drunken driving, reading text messages and eating while driving, and having other passengers in the car as the biggest distractions for drivers their age.

Driving under the influence of alcohol was considered the most distracting behavior, and fortunately, there's a downward trend in drinking and driving and in teen fatalities on the nation's highways. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, more than 3,400 teens died in motor vehicle crashes in 2009, but that death toll is 60% percent less than in 1975, according to the safety group.

The survey found that only 2% of females and 3% of males admitted to having alcohol play a part in their risky driving behaviors, with 95% of respondents saying that drinking and driving is "very dangerous."

To keep yourself and your teens engaged in the driving discussion, a great site to visit is AnswersforDrivers.com, which is a forum for any and all driving-related questions. Another great site for information is safeteendriving.org.


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