The Best Places to Live With an IT Degree

Author: Ajeet Khurana
Published: January 31, 2012 at 5:15 pm

Not all countries are created equally, and the job prospects in each certainly are not equal. Knowing where to pursue an IT-related job can make a difference between a miserable job search in vain and a rewarding career. Idealistically, the best places to live with an IT degree are in areas that have a high demand for IT personnel, stable economies and great salaries. This article outlines a few of the best places to pursue an IT career based on these criteria.

Depending on your long-term goals, eastern Asia is obviously a leader in technology and therefore has always has a high demand for IT-related skills. While living in a country such as South Korea or Japan may provide excellent pay, the standard of living is also high and will significantly eat into your earnings. The Philippines, however, has lower wages but also a significantly lower standard of living. If you are more concerned with enjoying a higher standard of living versus nominal earnings, then areas such as Cebu may be the first place to check out.

Western Europe is also a great place to seek out employment within the IT industry. Germany has seen a recent spike in its need for IT workers and has a very high standard of living. Other countries in the vicinity also offer comparable standards of living and moderate to elevated demands for IT growth. One of the biggest detractors for socially-mobile job-seekers is the rate of taxation, which can substantially reduce purchasing power while living there (but increases the overall standard of living of any given country). It has been argued that computer science should be compulsory in UK schools.

The United States is also a great place to work for those who are certified for certain positions. Currently, there is an under-skilled workforce that has left nearly one million IT jobs vacant even though unemployment is around 8.5%. With up to two million more IT jobs coming in the next decade, there is plenty of opportunity in this sector. With a lower rate of taxation and high pay, individuals working in IT may be able to have as much as one-and-a-half- times the purchasing power when compared to many European countries.

In the coming years, the IT industry looks optimistic worldwide. There are plenty of great places to live and explore, and with a background in Information Technology, you can have the chance to travel, move about and explore all the world has to offer.


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