KONY-2012; A Letter to my Teenage Son

Author: Mrs. Smeej
Published: March 12, 2012 at 3:48 pm


I first heard of the KONY-2012 video from one of my son's friends.  I was driving them to the gym and engaged in my usual lament about the violence of their chosen sport when, oh - let's call him Brandon, asked from the back; "Hey, have you guys heard about that guy in Africa who's kidnapping kids and making them kill their parents?"  And was that a wistful tone I heard in his voice?  No, surely not.

As of this writing, that video has accrued over 73,000,000 hits on YouTube and become a global phenomenon. Because of YouTube's demographics, the majority of those views were made by teenagers....

Dearest Son and any teenage friends who read this site;
Checked the Kony video and something isn't right.
Did a little research and I found out that the group
Who's behind the movement faces questions. Here's the scoop;

Critics have been arguing the film tells half the tale;
Blown the size of Kony's army way, way out of scale.
Didn't make it clear enough that Kony's on the run.
Have some pictures of group leaders brandishing a gun.

They're accused of raising funds they're spending on themselves.
Studied the financials and, the further in one delves
Turns out only somewhere around 33%
Of the money raised on any children has been spent.

In the group's defense; they say their mission's to inform.
That is how the money's spent. Now, facing this s*@!-storm,
They insist that they're legit... And I think they mean well.
(If they're scamming people they will surely rot in hell.)

Scattered here throughout this post are links so you can learn.
They're official documents; the tone is rather stern.
But, by going to the source and reading what you find
You will have the tools you need to make up your own mind.

The Obama Administration has given no indication that they intend to withdraw our current forces and an escalation in U.S. military action would likely result in increased civilian casualties.  Please let me reiterate, I believe that Invisible Children means well.  I also believe that the $30.00 for 2 bracelets and a poster would be better spent on other social welfare programs


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