Joseph Kony Becomes Internet Sensation

Author: Mrs. Smeej
Published: March 09, 2012 at 11:33 am

As of this morning (9 March 2012) Invisible Children has accrued over 55 million hits on it's YouTube film; KONY-2012. The 30 minute film, originally posted 4 days ago, became the fastest growing internet sensation in the history of YouTube;

Hottest thing on YouTube - over 50 million hits -
Is a 30 minute film; a sort of P.R. blitz,
By a group that wants to put Uganda on the map,
Publicizing Lord's Resistance Army leader's crap.

Kony kidnaps children; he's been doing that a while
And he tortures victims in a very brutal style.
Sadly though, this isn't new - despite the recent buzz
But my teenage son's surprised; his friends all thought it was.

Wanted by The Hague; he's still a criminal at large...
After more than 7 years since that Court placed the charge.
Special Forces tried to catch the man a year ago
But we only caused civilian casualties to grow.

In the film a little boy (Producer is his dad)
Says the situation in Uganda's very sad.
Yes, it is. No question. But, the thing they're asking for
Is U.S. involvement in another foreign war.

You will get no arguments from me; the man's a beast.
But I don't see how this film will change that in the least.
Asking our celebrities and children to re-Tweet,
Even 60 million times, will not mean his defeat.

  Invisible Children's swift climb in popularity attracted the attention of more traditional media outlets. For an informative and balanced view of the film and the situation in Uganda, PBS's The News Hour did an interesting segment on 8 March 2012 which I highly recommend.


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