The Sin of Driving and Cheeseburgers

Author: James Walker
Published: January 07, 2012 at 5:53 am

pretty lady, crashed porsche 

I'm a criminal....

At least I would be if I were in California...

You see last night I was kind of rushed for time.   Instead of taking an hour to get my dinner from a box that once lived in my cupboard I decided to hit Burger King on the way out to a client site.

Now I've done this before but I've learned which fast food fare I can wolf down without worrying about the distraction of actually eating it.  For one thing, forget about anything from Carl's junior or anything that takes more than one hand to stuff into your face.  I also make sure that should my selection decide to disassemble itself, it won't require me to take my eyes off the road. 

I do most of my driving at night with light traffic.  Stick me in a rush hour and you won't find anything more substantial than a pint of milk in my cup holder.  After all we do have cup holders for a reason.

Yes, I too have suffered the distracted soccer mom with a phone growing out of her ear.  I've tolerated the tone deaf teenager too distracted by the 1000's of decibels shaking the earth to notice that the traffic light has changed twice. 

Distracted driving is a bad thing and you'll never convince me you can text and control an automobile any more than you can drive your car while standing on the roof.   The question is, what constitutes a distraction.  It seems the law isn't quite sure either.

While there's no law that explicitly cites driving while eating as a criminal offense ( or even a misdemeanor).  Many state and municipal law enforcement officers are empowered to stop any driver for activity that the officer deems as distracting.  In the case of California my trip through Burger King could cost me $1000.

This isn't the first time we've heard of enforcement of vaguely defined laws.  In Arizona, for example, an officer can stop and cite you if he feels you were driving aggressively.  Aggressively isn't well defined so anything from extended middle finger to ramming the car in front of you applies.  Better keep that bird caged!

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