Heffner's Runaway Bride - Crystal Harris

Author: Kristina Russell
Published: June 20, 2011 at 1:36 pm

Stating that she wasn’t feeling like herself because of the rules of the relationship, and the mansion, Crystal Harris, fiancé to Hugh Heffner, called off their nuptials just days before the celebration was to occur. Many speculated she was cheating, which has been refuted by her publicist.

Crystal claims that her and Hef are both at peace with the break up, supposedly a discussion took place where both decided this was the best thing. Although some sources have said that there was a nasty disagreement over the previous weekend which led to the dissolve of the relationship.

Regardless of the ending, Hef seemed to be taken by surprise at the split, one of his Tweets being quoted as "I didn't see any of this coming, but I'm glad things went wrong before the marriage instead of after. Live & learn”.  Hef has been divorced twice in the past.

It has long been known that Hef has some mighty tight rules at the mansion, he wants to live how he wants to live, and he can. Apparently the 85-year old's rigidness didn’t sit well with Crystal who stated in an ET interview, “ My relationship with Hef was not a typical relationship. It was… be here, this time. You know, I couldn’t do certain things.”

A nine pm curfew, mandatory movie nights, mandatory publicity, and denied family travel visits were apparently among the activities that bothered Crystal, along with the request that she share Hef with other females.

Although Crystal says she is upset by the break up, she spent Saturday June 18th , the day of the doomed nuptials, partying it up with Heidi Montag at a Wet Republic pool party in Vegas.

Hef has been spending his time being consoled by friends such as Bridget Marquardt, Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett. Reports state that a new Playmate has also moved into the mansion, Miss January 2011, Anna Sophia Berglund.

Interestingly enough, Crystal announced the release of her single “Club Queen” very shortly before the news of the split, some could say that’s one heck of a publicity “plug.”

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