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Google CEO Larry Page Named Boss of the Year

Author: Adi Gaskell
Published: January 04, 2012 at 5:29 am

Larry PageIt has been a big year for search engine giant Google, with their new social network Google+ going head to head with Facebook for social media dominance.

Such performance has led to him being named the CEO of the Year by Investors Business Daily, an investors publication.

Page was chosen as the leading boss of the year for his success in reorganising the company's management structure and for leading the buy-out of Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc over the summer.

The year also saw Page lead Google into social with the launch of Google+ and Google Offers, in an attempt to rival Facebook and Groupon respectively.

Such moves have seen revenue increase by 32% and 33% respectively in the past two quarters.

The decision to give Page the gong however is not without a degree of controversy.

Firstly, he has only been in the job since April so has not enjoyed a full year in post.  The results achieved at Google are also no more extraordinary than fellow tech giants Intel or Apple.

They are also attracting the attention of anti-trust authorities over their methods of promoting Google+ to users, whilst only this week they were forced to penalise their own Google Chrome pages after they were found to be using nefarious tactics to promote them.


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