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  1. February 29, 2012

    A Game Inspired Book: Bioshock: Rapture
    Derived from an epic game the story providing the finishing touches on Bioshock.
  2. Dark Horse Comics - New Release Reviews For February 29, 2012
    A Weekly Review Of Dark Horse Comics' Newest Releases So You Don't Waste Your Time
  3. Is There A Connection Between NASCAR & Management?
    Everyday in corporate America – kids without lessons are driving NASCAR cars!
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  4. New Facebook Privacy Violations Add to the Network’s Woes
    Facebook's spying of mobile app users text messages only serves to deepen the privacy issues faced by the social network.
  5. KidLit: Satchi and Little Star Is a Lesson in Freedom
    What happens when a little girl wants to make a wild horse her own?
  6. ASUS PadFone Officially Announced, Landing in April 2012
    The ASUS PadFone was announced at MWC 2012 this week, where it will be available in most stores in April 2012.
  7. Advantage Intel, with Intel Cloud SSO
    Single Sign-on is a boon
  8. RIM BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Installations Rise 44% After Release
    Research In Motion has seen a 44% increase in BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 OS update installations since its release last week.
  9. Weight-Loss Shot Gives New Meaning To Have Your Cake And Eat It Too
    Obesity vaccine: pipe dream or possibility?
  10. Stay at Home Moms vs. Working Moms
    It’s the endless debate…but can working together better enable everyone to take care of family and finances?
  11. Avengers Trailer 2 Released (Video)
    Here's another major sneak peek into this Summer's blockbuster superhero movie offering!
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  12. HGH Therapy and Other Tricks to Assist Sleep
    You Too Can Easily Learn to Sleep Like a baby with Powerful Anti Aging HGH Therapy
  13. Beware of Using Facebook Whilst Studying
    New research suggests that Facebook use directly harms your grades at school.
  14. Diet and the Cancer Patient
    Studies have shown that healthy diets high in vitamin E may help slow down an already existing cancer from growing.
  15. Black History Month: Celebrating The Marlena Shaw Sound
    Music icon Marlena Shaw on her 45 years in the record industry with Bryan Cain-Jackson
  16. 25 Alleged Anonymous Members Arrested
    25 alleged members of the hacking collective Anonymous have been arrested in an international crackdown
  17. Travel Book Review: Hypertravel-100 Countries in Two Years
    Hardie Karges' book "Hypertravel, 100 Countries in 2 Years" is a trip into the fast-paced, often cynical but always entertaining mind of this intrepid traveler, and the places he travels to.
  18. Samsung Unveiled Galaxy S Wi-Fi 4.2 To Compete With iPod?
    Samsung Announced A New Device To Topple Apple's iPod?
  19. Has Cisco Found Its Mojo?
    Anywhere, Anytime Communication
  20. Santorum Loses Michigan Catholic Vote to Romney
    President Obama won the Catholic vote in 2008 and he would like to win that voting bloc again in 2012.
  21. Apple Confirms iPad 3 Launch Event
    Apple finally confirms the highly anticipated lauch event of the new iPad 3 tablet. Gadget fans expect plenty of exciting new features, including a new processor and upgraded display.
  22. Google Plus Users Spent 3.3 Minutes or 4.95 Million Hours- You Decide
    Google Plus users spent more time per user, but nearly double total time on the site.
  23. Cloud Service May Prove to be Smartest Thermostat to Date Smart Schedule System: Brought to you by Cloud Computing
  24. Social Media Used to Sell Drugs to Youth
    An international report exposes how YouTube and Facebook have been used to promote web sites that sell illegal drugs to young people.
  25. February 28, 2012

    What Is Artisan Food, Anyway?
    Artisan food defined by those who make it.
  26. The Trabucchi – A Fishing Experience
    An ancient fishing art found in Italy
  27. Book Review - Getting Past Your Past
    Looking to take charge of your life and move beyond what has happened in your past? New book can help.
  28. Autism: The Evaluation
    If you don't know what to expect, an Autism Evaluation can seem scary.
  29. Aging Boomers Seek Diverse and Flexible Healthcare Providers
    Healthcare for Under-served Communities
  30. GoodKarma: The Netflix for Baby Clothes?
    Tired of watching your kids grow through expensive clothes? A Chicago company thinks you might consider 'renting' your kids next outfit.
  31. Above Suspicion Is Above Reproach
    British crime drama ABOVE SUSPICION takes us places we don’t necessarily want to go—but we can’t help watching.
  32. Breakthroughs in the Quantum Realm: Understanding Quantum Computing
    Processing power with quantum qubits and the coming information revolution.
  33. Real Time for Real Insights
    Facebook Insights might be going to real time results.
  34. Liberal Leader Apologizes for Twitter Attack on Tory Minister
    A Twitter based smear campaign caused the head of the Liberal Party of Canada to offer an apology to the governing Tories.
  35. FHA To Hike Fees! Will This Stimulate Home Sales? No Way!
    In a time of excess supply, one normally must discount to eliminate inventory. Not FHA.
  36. UFC 144 Full Fight Recap
    UFC 144 took place in the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan, one of the homes of mixed-martial arts
  37. The Politics of Gasoline Prices
    When the price of gas rises, so does the political rhetoric.
  38. The Terror of Victory: The Failed Assassination of Vladimir Putin
    The failed assassination of Vladimir Putin
  39. CIO RIP?
    As IT becomes integrated to the point of organizational transparency, the CIO position may no longer be required.
  40. Luxuries for Criminals: The MP3 Player Debate
    Pilot program allows prisoners to purchase MP3 players and browse over one million songs
  41. Arable Land Shortage and the Case for Agriculture and Farmland Investing
    The Investing Implications of Shrinking Arable Farmland
  42. Natural Alternatives for Younger Looking Skin
    These naturally safe anti-aging alternatives will encourage your skin to look and act younger.
  43. Rosary O'Neill! New Orleans' Playwright Steps Into NYC Off, Off Broadway Scene
    Making It in New York City as a Playwright From New Orleans
  44. Undo! Undo! - Disruptive Technology and the Problem with Prophecy
    Eight years ago, disruptive technology was just a theory. Since then? Well, read for yourself...
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  45. Say Hello To iPad 3 And Its Rumored Specs
    Finally, iPad 3 Set To Launch On March 7, 2012
  46. Close-up of an American Activist: Oscar Hammerstein II – Out of My Dreams
    Matthew Morrison hosts a look at the man who changed t American musical forever, Oscar Hammerstein II
  47. Buttons for Brands Make LinkedIn Keyed-up
    'Follow Company' Button is the Brand Newest
  48. Download the Windows 8 Developer Preview Now!
    Windows 8 Developer Preview now available for download
  49. Apple iPad 3 Invites Sent Out To Media, March 7th Confirmed
    Apple sent invites confirming an iPad launch event for March 7th 2012 in San Francisco.
  50. The Story of the Costume Drama: The Greatest Stories Ever Told Remembers 50 Years of British TV History
    Celebrate British historical drama with interviews and clips from a half century of groundbreaking programs.
    in TV
  51. Duke Defeats Carolina 69-63; Readies For ACC Tourney
    Duke heads to The 2012 ACC Tournament as the #1 seed.
  52. 100 Words: Dorm Food Survival - Breakfast on the Go
    In his new web series, Chef Billy Parisi is tackling the dietary concerns of college students in 100 Words.
  53. Yahoo! Warns Facebook Over Patent Issues
    Yahoo has warned Facebook to pay the licensing fees for patent related issues.
  54. Quantum Computer Possible in Our Lifetime
    Quantum Leap in Computing Power Realized
    in IT
  55. Black History Month: The Words of Avery Brooks
    Iconic actor Avery Brooks talks about his need for self-expression through art, Black culture and the importance of struggle
  56. Google+ Labelled a 'Ghost Town'
    New data reveals Google+ to be a virtual ghost town in relation to rival Facebook.
  57. Finally, Asus Padfone Unveiled At MWC 2012
    The Long Wait Is Over For Asus Padfone!
  58. Reaching New Horizons in Quantum Computation
    IBM researchers have designed new techniques to overcome errors in quantum computation.
  59. Enterprise 2.0 not Delivering Results
    New research finds that most enterprise 2.0 projects are failing to deliver results
  60. We’re Watching More TV Shows…Just not on the Television
    We’re Watching More TV Shows…Just not on the Television
  61. Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 - More of the Same?
    Taking a look at the Galaxy Ace 2, it appears to be a phone that could shake up a market overloaded with high-end smartphones.
  62. February 27, 2012

    Matt Kenseth Wins Explosive Daytona 500
    A long Daytona day ends with a repeat winner and an Earnhardt close behind
  63. Distracted Driving is the New DUI
    The campaign against drunk driving has worked.
  64. My Story of Tragic Loss
    My 21 year old daughter Casey was killed by a distracted driver on July 17, 2009. The night before she died I asked her if she was happy– I don’t know why, but I did. She answered “yes.” She said that she was happy not only in the moment but also about her life as a whole.
  65. PBS Offers Big Band Vocalists (My Music) in March
    Witness the greatest singers of the 1940s at the dawn of their careers.
    in TV
  66. Adam Sandler is Still Doing What He Loves, Making us Laugh
    Adam Sandler has had a long and varied career, spanning many decades and many different styles of film. From Comedy to Drama to animated, Sandler keeps pumping out the jokes.
  67. Daytona 500 Red-Flagged for Major Fire
    Dangerous fire halts the Daytona 500
  68. Finally, Samsung's Mysterious Galaxy Note 10.1 Unveiled!
    Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1 Officially Revealed
  69. It’s March Musical Madness—The B-52’s on PBS
    The world’s greatest party band celebrates their 34th anniversary in a sizzling performance. See it on PBS.
  70. Do Lawmakers Even Know What DNS Means?
    SOPA almost destroyed the internet as we know it, mostly because lawmakers were too ignorant to know what they were messing with.
  71. Six Thousand Miles From Home
    It was May of 2011, when I made my decision to return to Germany. I hadn’t been here since the early 1980’s when I’d served in the U.S. Air Force and there were so many things I had to get prepared for my move.
  72. Five Business Tips From The Beatles
    Fabulous Business Lessons From The Fab Four
  73. iPad 3 Cometh as Best Buy Discounts iPad 2 Stock
    Best Buy marks down price of iPad 2 to make way for iPad 3 launch coming very soon.
  74. Improve Your Credit, Save Money & Open Your Finance Options
    Saving Thousands with Easy Tips on Improving Credit Scores
  75. Facebook and the Presidential Candidates
    How the presidential candidates are using Facebook
  76. Facebook Timeline Users Tightening Reins on Privacy
    In the post-world of Facebook Timeline, a growing number of social network users have been prompted to monitor online privacy and reputations much more closely.
  77. Exploring Braga – “Rome of Portugal”
    If you are traveling to Europe, visit Braga to enjoy an enchanting city filled with romance, breathtaking parks, baroque churches and splendid 18th century mansions.
  78. What's Your PinClout? Site Measures Pinterest Influence
    Want to know how you're doing on Pinterest? New site PinClout provides a Klout-like influence score.
  79. Tax Refund Delays Anger Taxpayers, IRS Blames Computer Glitch
    Tax refund delays continue, angering taxpayers who filed in early January and February that have been waiting more than 6 weeks for answers from the IRS.
  80. Breaking the 600 Year Glass Ceiling
    Former head of security for UK Commons - and first woman to hold the job - doesn't believe in helping other women succeed.
  81. IPOs, the Cloud and the Unwary Investor
    Investors are doomed to disappointment as their dreams of untold riches from Cloud-based technology IPOs are unmet
  82. Cloud Computing Moves Into Next Stage with Some Great Offers
    Cloud computing isn't wasting time hurrying us along to the next stage of development with lots and lots of free stuff and some great functionality.
  83. Take a Few Zombies on Your Next Run With New App
    Want to add a little extra heart poundage into your daily run? Try the app Zombies, Run!
  84. Connecting the Lines of Communication in Haiti
    This speck of a town is Leoganne, and from its ashes a band of women 40 strong changed their lives by developing a skill.
  85. Daytona 500 Set for 7:00 pm Start
    Daytona 500 Rescheduled for Monday Night
  86. Apple iPad 3 Shipments May Be En Route to US Already
    Apple may already have shipments of iPad 3 units from Foxconn under way to three major US cities.
  87. Samsung Galaxy S III Specs Revealed
    Specs have been revealed for the Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone.
  88. Holy Week Comes to Life in Trapani's Province
    Holy Week's rites in Trapani
  89. An Historic Moment or An Update on Stratfor's E-mail Leak
    An analysis of the latest e-mail leaks belonging to Stratfor from Wikileaks.
  90. Santorum Shows What Is Wrong With The Republicans
    Rick Santorum, an American Taliban?
  91. Welcome To MWC 2012: A Preview And Predictions
    Things To Expect at Mobile World Congress 2012
  92. Nokia’s "Smart Smartphone" Features 41 MP Sensors and Pixel Oversampling Technology
    Nokia has announced a smartphone, i.e. Nokia 808 PureView, having 41 MP sensor and Carl Zeiss lens.
  93. Roche’s Extension of Tender Offer and its Response by Illumina
    Roche has extended the tender offer for Illumina.
  94. Intel Powered Smartphone Unveiled by Orange
    Orange has revealed a smartphone based on Intel Chips.
  95. Take an Art Class to Boost Your Non-Art Career (Bonus Points for Techies!)
    Improve two essential workplace skills on the cheap.
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  96. February 26, 2012

    Bathtub Refinishing Product Can Cause Death! Beware Methylene Chloride!
    Methylene Chloride Vapors Implicated in the Deaths of 13 Bathtub Refinishers
  97. New Diet Pill Promises 10 Percent Weight Loss
    There's no magic pill for weight loss
  98. Prada: FW2012
    The Fall/Winter 2012-13 collection of Prada. Milan Fashion Week
  99. Jil Sander: FW2012
    The Fall/Winter 2012-13 collection of Jil Sander. Milan Fashion Week
  100. Wikileak Publishes 5 Million Hacked E-mails From Stratfor
    The private and confidential communications between Stratfor - a private intelligence agency - and other government agencies, coroporations etc, are revealed.
  101. KidTunes: Putumayo Kids Presents Instrumental Dreamland
    Instrumental Dreamland is a new, global soundtrack for relaxation and bedtime from Putumayo Kids.
  102. Amazon SWF Commits to Coordinated Synchronicity on the Open Cloud
    Amazon Cloud Suite Gets Heftier, More Descriptive
  103. Baron Cohen Has Made His Point, But Will "The Dictator" be There?
    A lot of people may not miss Sacha if he didn’t turn up for the Oscar Night, but millions more will be disappointed if they won’t be seeing Uggie steal the whole show.
  104. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 series have two models
    Two tablets in Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 series have been introduced by Samsung.
  105. A Family Friendly Approach to Earning More Money During the Recession
    Look to the Internet To Ease Financial Pressure During The Recession
  106. Coldplay, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and More : Live on Epix, March 4th
    The Secret Policeman's Ball 2012, Celebrating 50 Years of Amnesty International
  107. Inference For Profit: How Credit Card Companies Can Predict the Future
    How Corporations Are Using Big Data To Predict The Future
  108. Heart Attack Symptoms in Women—Undefined?
    news of women’s vulnerability to death from misdiagnosed symptoms of heart attack, posits medical neglect along gender lines.
  109. February 25, 2012

    A Drug To Combat Obesity, Safely? Not yet.
    Pharmaceutical companies are continuing to try and develop a drug to effectively combat obesity.
  110. MWC 2012 Barcelona – What a Difference 20 years Can Make!
    Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona Spain where 60,000 mobile industry experts will share the latest in mobile technology
  111. Arsenal FC vs Tottenham Spurs Preview
    Arsenal FC vs Tottenham Spurs Preview
  112. Glitz and Glamor Meet Wealthy Ambition on Oscar Night
    Risk Should be Weighed by Good Judgment
  113. Why Any Future Anti-Piracy Legislation Must Not Regulate Search Engines
    Why Congress Should Listen to Internet Giants When Crafting a SOPA Alternative
  114. See 11-Oscar Nominee Hugo (2011) on Home Video February 28
    HUGO may be a bit long, but it is a cinematic feast.
    in Film
  115. Warren Buffett’s annual letter to the company reported the new CEO
    Warren Buffett has reported about the new CEO in annual letter to the company.
  116. Settling for White House Clowns
    Americans continue obsession with the material while democracy is pillaged.
  117. Why Straight Teeth?
    We can all assume that straight teeth look better. Most patients seeking orthodontic treatment actually do so for esthetic reasons because they want a nicer smile.
  118. Prettie Girls Doll Line Empowering Girls Everywhere to Love Themselves
    Prettie Dolls line empowers little girls everywhere with dolls that look more like them.
  119. Mogee Lets You Make Music on (Almost) Any Surface
    Ever tapped away with your pencils, wondering if you had mad drumming skills? Mogee let's you find out, on any surface...
  120. Amazon Removes Whale Meat From Japanese Website
    Amazon removes over 147 whale meat products after a public outrage.
  121. Heart Attack Can Be More Fatal in Women
    Heart attack is more fatal in women.
  122. No Oscar for Devore in San Bernardino County Where Operation Blankets of Love is Ruffling Feathers
    San Bernardino and Devore Animal shelter are rejecting free, warm blankets for dogs and cats in freezing weather
  123. The Pope Will Now Be Personally Tweeting You on Twitter
    The Pope Will be Asking for a #Friday Follow on Twitter
  124. Gorillaz: DoYaThing with Andre 3000 and James Murphy
    DoYaThing: Converse's latest Three Artists. One Song. collaboration, Gorillaz featuring Andre 3000 and James Murphy, is free for download.
  125. Get Connected to Mobile World Congress
    Links to Virtual Tour, Keynotes and Twitter
  126. Hybrid Ice: On Fire and Going Home (Part Two)
    Hybrid Ice: 30+ Years on the Merry-Go-Round of Music and Rocking Harder Than Ever
  127. February 24, 2012

    Legislators Demand Resignation of California Fish & Game Warden Who Killed Lion
    The President of the California Fish and Game Commission, Dan Richards, whose mandate it is to protect native species, killed a mountain lion in Idaho and posed grinning with the carcass.
  128. Finally, A New Social Network For Food Lovers Launched!
    New Social Network Site For Food Launched
  129. Beware Apple Fanboy: That's Not an iStove! Chinese Cops Seize 681 iPhone Branded Stoves
    iPhone branded gas stoves
  130. Mustached Americans Unite for Tax Breaks and Social Goodness using Social Media
    H&R Block joins with American Mustache Institute for Million Mustache March...and delivers clean water to those in need.
  131. 42 Mobile Introduced, Till Now, for MWC 2012
    We have just tried to collect information about the new mobile introductions, unveils or just unofficial leaks with the news that the said mobile would be displayed
  132. Igniting Social Media: Technorati Interview with Sachin Agarwal, CEO of Posterous
    Igniting Social Media: Charlie Black speaks to Sachin Agarwal, CEO and Founder of Posterous about their platform and the future of mobile blogging.
  133. Some Antipsychotic Drugs are More Fatal for Patients with Dementia
    Some antipsychotic drugs have more chances of death in patients of dementia.
  134. Cross-Cultural Marketing
    Cross-Cultural marketing is a strategic process of marketing communications to customers whose culture differs from that of the vendor's own culture at least in one of the basic cultural aspects, as language, religion, social norms and values, education, and the living style.
  135. Raf Simons Leaving Jil Sander
    Raf Simon will leave Jil Sander this weekend.
  136. Gucci: FW2012
    The Fall/Winter 2012-13 collection of Gucci. Milan Fashion Week
  137. Mary Katrantzou: FW2012
    The Fall/Winter 2012-13 collection of Mary Katrantzou. London Fashion Week
  138. Falealupo Beach Fales: Sunsets YES! Food No!
    Exploring the last place to see sunset
  139. Oscar Senti-meter Predicts 'Midnight in Paris' as Winner
    Not Upset, Spot On
  140. American Experience Presents The Amish, February 28
    “We’re just pilgrims and foreigners, passing through. This life is just a speck in the sand, compared to eternity.” –Amish man
    in TV
  141. Nickelodeon Chooses Rachel Crow for New TV Program
    Nickelodeon Chooses Rachel Crow for New Pilot, a happy ending for X-Factor finalist
    in TV
  142. She (Palin) Can’t Take It Anymore, Can We?
    Don't cry for Sarah Palin, cry for yourself
  143. Hybrid Ice: On Fire and Going Home (Part One)
    Hybrid Ice: 30 Years on the Merry-Go-Round of Music and Rocking Harder Than Ever
  144. Warpia StreamHD Review
    The Warpia StreamHD promises to stream HD content from your computer to your HDTV, but does it really work?
  145. 2011 Year In Review Report Shows Huge Android Growth
    Millennial Media has released a new report showing us the year of 2011 in the mobile industry.
  146. Why the Facebook IPO Might Produce More Tears than Smiles
    Facebook's IPO may not necessarily be currently overvaluing the social network but there is a huge question mark over whether Facebook will actually deliver a return on the investment.
  147. US Army Uses Cloud Email System to Make Efficiency Savings
    The US Army is adopting cloud based email services in an effort to save money and become more efficient.
  148. New LG Optimus 4X HD Smartphone Announced
    Smokin' Hot LG Unveiled Another Smartphone To Their Lineup Before The MWC 2012 Event
  149. Unemployment 22
    Better Not Have Gone Broke When You Were Laid Off
  150. Explore the deep with Google Sea View
    Google is teaming up with Queensland University to offer a Street View like product to explore the oceans.
  151. A Little Known Secret to Help Athletes Achieve Higher Endurance, Agility
    A highly functioning brain is one that is capable of achieving phenomenal feats. Athletes can achieve these feats through brain carbo-loading, a scientific term that refers to creating fuel reserves in the brain in between exercises, for peak performance.
  152. First Lady Michelle Obama Visits the Bluegrass State
    Louisville Fundraiser Energizes Supporters
  153. February 23, 2012

    Get a Face Lift or Eye Lift and Look Years Younger According to Study
    Study Finds That Cosmetic Surgery Can Make Individuals Look Younger
  154. New Smartphone LG Optimus 3D Max Unveiled
    LG Announced Yet Another Phone To Their Lineup
  155. Danica Meets Daytona - The Hard Way
    Danica Patrick destroys race car in Daytona season opener - Welcome to Sprint Cup Ms. Patrick
  156. New Disney Pixar 'Brave' Trailer Now Released
    Disney Pixar has released a second, enticing trailer to their upcoming cartoon blockbuster, Brave. Another Disney princess in the works?
  157. Discover The Lost Temple of Java on DVD
    The Lost Temple of Java is an intriguing exploration of what might be the “Eighth Wonder of the World.”
    in Film
  158. Sweden Freezes Out the Competition in Clean Sweep
    Invest Sweden Promotes Hot Property for Cold Storage
  159. Leisure Suit Larry Is Back and In HD
    Larry is getting a reboot now that Al Lowe has the rights again.
  160. Can Americans Handle the Truth?
    America's Burden of Change Rests on Citizens Not President Obama
  161. Hepatitus C Death Rates Rise. 1 in 33 Baby Boomers Has Hepatitis C
    Hepatitis C Deaths Rise. Increased Risk to Baby Boomers Since 1 in 33 Have the Initially Asymptomatic Viral Infection
  162. Apple Opening New Store in London's Harrods Building March 2012
    Apple is opening a new store location within the Harrods Department store building in London.
  163. ASUS Releases New Teaser Video for MWC 2012
    ASUS just released a new MWC 2012 teaser video for their new products we'll see at the event during the last week of March.
  164. "Pacman" Boxing Game Released In App Store
    Boxing Star Manny Pacquiao Now Available As An iOS game
  165. How is that Green Energy Savings at the Pump Treating You?
    Green energy is a fraud and uneconomical.
  166. Apocalyptic Love - Slash Touring the US in Support of Forthcoming Album
    Slash announces first US tour dates in support of up-coming album, Apocalyptic Love, and plans for an extensive Fall tour.
  167. What Virginia's Legalized Rape Laws Means for Women in Business
    Virginia Law Demonstrates How Underlying Distrust of Women's Abilities to Make Decisions Keeps Them Out of the Boardroom
  168. Panel Recommends Whooping Cough Vaccine for Adults
    A committee has issued guidelines recommending a whooping cough vaccine for adults over the age of 65.
  169. Social Media Promotes Literacy Within Threatened Languages
    It's not just language, it's about native culture
  170. Airline Lets You Pick Who You Sit By Based on Social Profiles
    Dutch airline KLM has rolled out 'Meet and Seat', a program that lets you choose who you sit by based on social network profiles.
  171. CNN Arizona Debate: Is Birth Control the New Third Rail of Politics?
    America’s new Third Rail of Politics: Who knew 21 little pills could wield such power in a presidential election?
  172. Pending FDA Approval for Vivus: Qnexa Weight-Loss Drug
    Qnexa has been endorsed by the FDA. How will it change our lives?
  173. Steve Jobs and Oedipus Rex
    Steve Jobs, a very complex man with a super complex history.
  174. Mozilla’s Marketplace for App Submission to be Launched at Mobile World Congress
    Mozilla has announced Marketplace for developers to develop apps.
  175. Fishing from an Empty Pond
    Build It and They Will Come (But Only If You've Paved the Information Superhighway First)
  176. Creating America's Most Entrepreneurial City
    Seven Big Ideas to Building an Innovation Capital
  177. Google AR Glasses Coming By Year's End
    The future of augmented reality is almost upon us, thanks to Google
  178. Black History Month: NY's Public School Fashion Label
    Maxwell Osborne, one of Public School's geniuses talks about the fashion world
  179. The Celebrity Punch!
    Which punch finally prevails, it remains to be seen!
  180. Apple's Poisoned Workers Plead With Americans to Join Ethical iPhone Campaign
    Apple's Poisoned Workers Petition Consumers Timed for Apple's Annual Shareholder Meeting
  181. Parental Advisory Warnings on CD's... What's the Point?
    A man's struggle to keep his children safe in the online world.
  182. Burberry Prorsum: FW2012
    The Fall/Winter 2012-13 collection of Burberry Prorsum. London Fashion Week
  183. Local Church Vandalized with Satanic Messages on Ash Wednesday
    SF Bay Area Catholic church heavily vandalized with disturbing Satanic messages, officials consider this a hate crime.
  184. Technology Speeds Up Life — Meditation Calms It
    Technology causes progress, but it also causes stress. Try meditation to calm down.
  185. February 22, 2012

    James Corden 'Upset' at Adele's Speech Halt
    BRIT Awards host James Corden expresses his feelings regarding Adele's acceptance speech halt
  186. "The Mazda Motorsports Hour" Debuts On Discovery's New Velocity Network
    Some of the best racing found is not the headline race, but the support races featuring the stars of tomorrow.
    in TV
  187. Android Market Explained
    Android Market has developed immensely since 2008. Here is a brief rundown of its developing stages so far.
  188. Is Parental Kids-Safety Monitoring With App Possible?
    An App To Protect Kids From Lurking Online Dangers
  189. Puss in Boots (2011) Capers onto Home Screens February 24
    “You have made the cat angry. You do not want to make the cat angry!” –Puss in Boots
    in Film
  190. Go Army! Pinterest Provides Vehicle for Active Participation
    24 Boards, but Apparently, "Repinning does not equal endorsement"...
  191. Why Apple is the Next Big Investment Opportunity
    Why Apple is the Next Big Investment Opportunity
  192. Bedwetting Facts For Parents and Children (InfoGraphic)
    All people experience bedwetting throughout our growth, but some continue to deal with the effects later in life.
  193. Greece Today, America Tomorrow
    Election 2012 would be crucial for labor, and that means you.
  194. Twitter Sees Value in Forging Partnership with Foreign Search Engine, Yandex
    Yandex, the Primary Russian Search Engine, Aligns with Twitter
  195. Kate Upton-Too "Chubby" For A Supermodel?
    2012 Sports Illustrated Cover Girl Kate Upton ramps up the debate about Supermodels and their impact on society.
  196. Google Glasses Bring the Web To Your Eyes
    Google employees claim a secret project will turn sunglasses into an Android device. Seriously.
  197. Everything in Moderation, Politics on the Brink
    Politics as usual evolves into a war of impossible ideologies.
  198. LG Optimus 3D Cube: The World's First Smartphone With 3D Video Editor
    New LG Optimus 3D Cube Officially Announced
  199. Latest Version of Apache HTTP Server on 17th anniversary of ASF
    Apache HTTP server 2.4 version has been released by Apache Software Foundation (ASF).
  200. Actor Terence Bernie Hines on A Thousand Words, Rushlights
    The actor opens up about his upcoming film roles working with Eddie Murphy and Beau Bridges
    in Film
  201. Dark Horse Comics - New Release Reviews For February 22, 2012
    A Weekly Review Of Dark Horse Comics' Newest Releases So You Don't Waste Your Time
  202. Facebook to Launch a New Premium Ad Product
    News leaked yesterday about a new premium advertising platform on Facebook.
  203. Drama at Virgin Cove
    Faceplant on the Ground
  204. Penghu: The Hawaii of Taiwan?
    Finding the Matsu Pilgrimage
  205. February 21, 2012

    Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort
    Ayurveda is an ancient Indian practice specializing in the principle of complete healing by utilizing techniques which target the three basic aspects of life, body, mind and spirit.
  206. Mark Fast: FW2012
    The Fall/Winter 2012-13 collection of Mark Fast. London Fashion Week
  207. One-Two Punch Kills Pancreatic Cancer in Animal Trials
    Research in animals shows that combining two cancer drugs caused the destruction of pancreatic cancer cells.
  208. Taco Bell Uses Doritos - Not Price This Time - to Save Its Future
    New Doritos-Shell is Taco Bell's Newest Innovation as They Work to Regain Marketshare and Improve Their Image
  209. European Union Decides Filtered Content to be Compliant, Unyielding
    Copyrighted Content Remains Public Conveyance
  210. Black History Month: Don Trip On His Music
    Don Trip talks music with Bryan Cain-Jackson
  211. Corporate Sabotage Brings Partnership to an End
    Careful Consideration in Business Alliances Makes Good Sense
  212. Pinterest Users Need to Read the Fine Print
    Pinterest Does More to Protect Copyright Holders. Users, Do You Own What You Pin?
  213. Marios Schwab: FW2012
    The Fall/Winter 2012-13 collection of Marios Schwab. London Fashion Week
  214. Product Review: Baby Einstein Music & Discovery Travel Mirror
    The Baby Einstein Music Travel Mirror has lights, music and colors to entertain baby in the car or at home.
  215. Women Fight Virginia GOP for their Right Not to be Raped
    Virginia Legislators Take Women's Rights Away Convinced that They Know Best
  216. RIM Try To Reinvent Itself With Its New Playbook 2.0 OS?
    A Review For Consumers On What's Hot On The New Playbook 2.0 Version
  217. RIM Releases BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Upgrade (Videos)
    Research In Motion releases two new ads showing the features of its new BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 OS.
  218. Tellurium, Rare Earth Element, Observed in Three Ancient Stars
    Rare Earth element, tellurium, has been found in the three distant age-old stars.
  219. Microsoft Office for the iPad Leaked?
    Another sighting of a possible Microsoft Office app for Apple's iPad? Sounds like the real deal...
  220. More Apple iPad 3 Images Leak Online
    New Images of the new Apple iPad 3 show the differences in thickness from the iPad 2 for hardware upgrades.
  221. SMBs Forecasted to Spend $7.8 Billion for Social Media Marketing in 2016
    Social media has become a crucial networking tool for business but remember... quality over quantity.
  222. Women 'Family Travel' Bloggers Rule
    Once called "mommybloggers," this group of travel-savvy women dominates the family travel conversation and are sought after by major corporations
  223. Social Media is the Key to Career Success
    New research suggests that a scan of your Facebook profile is the most accurate way of determining future job success.
  224. LeBest Season Ever?
    As Linsanity sweeps the nation, is LeBron James ho-humming his way to the greatest season ever?
  225. Breaking News: BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Upgrade Released
    The BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Upgrade is available now and has been released in software updates.
  226. New Samsung Phones Galaxy S2 and Mini 2 Unveiled
    Two Of Samsung's Newest Phones Revealed Before The MWC 2012
  227. Consumer Watchdog Protests Apple's Labor Practices. Will Apple REALLY Change?
    Is Apple Glossing Over the Conditions at Supplier Factories?
  228. Rihanna & Chris Brown Think Domestic Violence Is Fun
    Rihanna reuniting with Chris Brown three years after he brutally assaulted her sends the wrong message to fans.
  229. When Do You Use Your iPad?
    wondering why app makers are surprised at the way we use our technology
  230. The Lotus Legion Grows Its Reach Into The ALMS
    Long Beach will feature the largest gathering of factory teams sponsored by Group Lotus anywhere in the world.
  231. February 20, 2012

    Earning the Kind of Money You’re Worth
    Brain Tracy’s latest book offers ideas on how to maximize your income any time, in any market.
  232. In Search of Team Skinny
    Losing weight can be contagious if you're on the right team
  233. The Branch of Ayurveda Called Rasayana Chikitsa
    Rasayana Chikitsa is a special branch of Ayurvedic science which focuses on providing individuals with a healthy extended life. By achieving this goal, this practice is able to provide rejuvenation to the healthy. In addition is also able to provide healing for the sick.
  234. Gambling on a Cloudy Future
    Gambling casinos are being lured to the Cloud, along with every other industry, as online suites of tools are being custom-tailored to their needs.
  235. SkyDrive App's Integration in Windows 8
    SkyDrive is being added in Windows 8 as a desktop app for Internet Explorer.
  236. Samsung Board has approved the Spin-off of LCD businesses and operations
    Samsung has come closer to spin-off of LCD business.
  237. Changes eBooks are Bringing to the Publishing World from the TOC Conference
    Lessons learned at the O'Reilly Tools of Change Publishing Conference dealing with the rapid influx of digital books
  238. Ligue 1: How PSG's Draw With Montpellier Exposes the Flaw in the Parisian Plan
    Paris Saint-Germain stole a draw with Montpellier late, but the match revealed how far they still have to go.
  239. Young Drivers of U.S. Legend Cars Gain Life Experiences Through Racing
    Racing organizations like the U.S. Legend Cars gives young drivers a platform in which to learn their craft.
  240. Winds of War
    A naval war seems almost an anachronism
  241. Mobile Meets SMB: How Mobile Apps can Help Small Businesses Compete
    Businesses Can Save Time and Money with Mobile Apps
  242. Two Android Phablet-Family Members, LG Optimus Vu and Galaxy Note, Face to Face?
    The gigantic-sized Optimus Vu can be called a Phablet due to its smartphone capabilities and tablet size.
  243. Interview With Brian Selznick, Author of Hugo Cabret & Houdini Box
    Check out our interview with Brian Selznick, author of Hugo, and get to know the man behind Scorsese's latest masterpiece.
  244. Dice Gets Serious About Cheating
    Dice hiring Anti-Cheating administrator
  245. Joan Rivers Sparkled on That Show, Now on DVD
    Joan Rivers’ first TV chatfest, “That Show” is now available on DVD. Travel back to a time when a professional maid service cost $3/hour.
  246. Get So Damn Lucky Next Week
    Smart and sassy casino “fixer” Lucky O’Toole returns for another sizzling Vegas adventure.
  247. Romney Wins 'Most Mentioned Politician' Status in Spam
    The presidential candidates are on TV, and in your spam folder. Romney and Gingrich top the list for appearing in the most spam.
  248. This Year’s Must-Have Accessory: Wearable Technology
    Wearable Technology
  249. American Experience Presents Clinton
    The latest entry in the American Experience Presidents Collection profiles America’s 42nd president.
    in TV
  250. Lawrence Welk: Classic Episodes Volumes 1-4 Is Pure Corn
    Sixties social unrest? Not on “The Lawrence Welk Show.”
  251. Gene Diets - DNA and Your Weight Loss Strategy
    Genetic predispositions affect health and longevity. 50% of our predisposition to weight is genetic.
  252. SSD Storage Faces Doubtful Future
    Studies cast doubt on current SSD scalability
    in IT
  253. Transistor Made of Single Atom
    World's first single atom transistor has been developed.
  254. Samsung's LG Optimus Vu Officially Announced
    LG Unveiled Optimus Vu Ahead Of MWC 2012
  255. Two New Android Operated Smartphones by ZTE
    PF200 and N910 are two new Android operated smartphones from ZTE.
  256. Combination of WiFi and Processors on a Single Chip is Among Intel’s Next Projects
    Intel's Rosepoint will have combination of WiFi and processors.
  257. Technology is the Sound of Music Says Rock Artist Kristen Faulconer
    Rock Artist Kristen Faulconer talks about the good,bad and ugly of music technology
  258. What Will a Conservative-Christian-President Mean?
    Enjoying growing support among evangelicals and conservatives, Rick Santorum is currently surging in the polls. Suppose he became President?
  259. ‘Whitney Houston Going Home.’ Did Whitney And The World Love It?
    The funeral service of Whitney Houston turned out be an ordinary affair in an ordinary church, yet caught the attention of the world and evoked feelings of loss and bonding of a different kind, which has made Whitney more endearing and human to millions of viewers who have turned more sympathetic.
  260. February 19, 2012

    Tower Heist (2011) Is Light and Likable
    It’s not just a robbery. It’s payback.
    in Film
  261. Award-Winning Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011) Now on DVD/Blu-ray
    Martha Marcy May Marlene creates a sense of uneasy suspense within seconds of coming on screen. --Robert Horton
    in Film
  262. Analytics Will Flatten the Competitive World of Business
    How crowdsourcing, cloud computing and open source software can revolutionize the landscape of business analytics.
  263. Substance Derived From Gecko Feet Holds a Lot of Weight
    "Geckskin" is a very strong sticky material made by researching gecko feet.
  264. Samsung Galaxy Note Review
    The Samsung Galaxy Note goes under the microscope, is it worth your money?
  265. Apple iPad 3 Pictured for the First Time
    Apple's iPad 3 is seen pictured for the first time ahead of the official announcement in March.
  266. Signs and preventive measures of Heart disease in women
    Heart diseases are common in women.
  267. “DNA Nanorobots” Have Successfully Been Used for Cancer Treatment
    "DNA nanorobots" have been used by scientists for the delivery of drug molecules to cancer cells.
  268. Google's Newest OS "Jelly Bean" Is Coming!
    Android 5.0 OS Is Now In The Works?
  269. Angry Birds Space Landing on Mobile Devices on March 22
    The most popular game of all times Angry Birds is entering a new dimension in Space. Named as Angry Birds Space, this new gameplay level would a new height of game play levels and difficulties.
  270. Preventing Cancer with Minerals
    Daily supplements can prevent cancer, diabetes and more.
  271. UFC 144: Edgar vs Henderson Preview
    At UFC 144 in Japan, Frankie Edgar defends his UFC lightweight title against Ben Henderson.
  272. Republicans Fighting a Losing Battle Over Contraceptives
    Republicans continue the fight on contraceptives but may end up losing the war.
  273. February 18, 2012

    Marc By Marc Jacobs: FW2012
    The Fall/Winter 2012-13 collection of Marc By Marc Jacobs. New York Fashion Week
  274. Kiss That Frog - Book Review
    New book reaffirms that kissing a frog is as frightening as shifting one’s life from negative thoughts to positive actions.
  275. The Ligny Tower
    The Tower of Ligny was built on the rocks of Trapani, "the city of two seas".
  276. Calvin Klein: FW2012
    The Fall/Winter 2012-13 collection of Calvin Klein. New York Fashion Week
  277. Outings with Autism: The Zoo
    Finding places to go with your children on the Spectrum can be daunting.
  278. Kyle Busch is Daytona Shootout Top Gun
    In a night of high speeds and hard crashes, Kyle Busch brings home the Shootout Trophy
  279. New Media Communications Strategies For Small Business Awareness & Growth
    Social media can help a growing business boost brand awareness, improve customer relations, garner market research, even bolster sales.
  280. Daytona Practice High Speed Melee
    Shootout practice proves Daytona still has bite and things happen fast at 200-mph
  281. Fifty Cent Stamp in the Works?
    The US Postal Service is mulling over a stamp rate hike - to 50 cents this time. So why not have some fun with it?
  282. Apple Granted Patents: Ultrabook Makers To Be Nervous?
    Apple, Macbook Air, Ultrabook, Zenbook, Asus, Acer, patent
  283. A Tribute to Spencer the Rhino - May His Death Not Be In Vain
    The Rhino Rescue Project lost Spencer to anaesthesia, in an effort to take a proactive stance against poaching.
  284. DNA sequencing device of the size of a USB memory stick
    Small USB memory stick sized DNA sequencer has been developed by Oxford Nanopore Technologies.
  285. Americans Really Want Half-Sized, Not Super-Sized Meals
    This article discusses the psychology of food and reveals American’s true desire for half-sized and not super-sized meals to preserve health and reduce waistlines.
  286. A Look at The 12 Additional Apps For Facebook Announced Today!
    Facebook Adds 12 Apps to its Platform: Take it or Leave It!
  287. Aiden Howarth: Poet, Dedicated Father and Game Changer
    Aiden Howarth was born and raised in Wakefield, England. Besides being a poet, he is also a father and a web designer.
  288. Google Caught By Passing Safari Privacy Rules
    Stanford University graduate student finds four ad providers, including Google, have used code to bypass privacy settings in Safari
  289. Did Vogue Go Too Far with Adele?
    Adele is gracing the cover of March's edition of Vogue. The cover and spread has sparked much debate.
  290. Immune system shows different effects at different times of a day and night
    Circadian rhythm causes a change in immune responses.
  291. "Greenest Ever" Olympics
    The world is going green. Why would the Olympics get left behind?
  292. February 17, 2012

    The Evaluation Process
    Getting your child evaluated for Autism can be a frustrating experience.
  293. Apple’s Size and Success are Actually Shifting the Average on the S&P 500
    Because of Apple’s size and earnings, it’s single-handedly making S&P 500 and Tech sector results better.
  294. Women Singled Out for Body Scans in Dallas
    Women, who were referred to as having "cute bodies" were asked to repeatedly undergo scans because they were "blurry".
  295. Black History Month: Chris Barnett Inspires
    Chris Barnett, director of marking for SAE Institute, shares with Bryan Cain-Jackson an inspirational story of professional success
  296. BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Page is Live on Best Buy, Upgrade February 21st
    RIM exec states they are planning to release BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 on Feb. 21st, Best Buy site in support is live.
  297. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2: A New Challenger To iPad?
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2: Samsung's Newest Entry To Tablet Wars!
  298. Early Analysis of Brain Changes Can Help in Autism Detection
    Autism detection could be done in the early stages of life.
  299. World’s First Remotely Controlled Drug Delivery Chip
    Scientists from MIT and MicroCHIPS Inc. have developed the world's first wirelessly controlled drug delivery chip.
  300. Kingdoms of Amalur : Reckoning PS3 Review
    Kingdoms of Amalur : Reckoning is the heavyweight of RPG
  301. Blogsy for iPad Now Supports IBM Connections
    iPad's top rated blogging application gets ready for business by adding support for IBM Connections
  302. How Has the Web Technologies Changed for President Obama This Election?
    Move over Google, Twitter and Facebook. Enter WiseWindow, Arktan and Percolate. Search, tweet and like are out. Sentiment analysis, taxonomy, social stream, passive curation and second screen conversation, are a few of the new buzzwords President Obama and anyone else aspiring to win the US election needs to master in a hurry!
  303. Indian Cricket: The IPL Stakes
    Okay, it is definitely up to you to consider or not to consider the IPL as a part of Indian cricket!
  304. Black History Month: A.D. Is A Scholar Not A Saint
    A.D. converses with Bryan Cain-Jackson about their album intellect, life, Hip-Hop and our community
  305. Apple Pushes iOS-like features in Mountain Lion
    Apple has released new version of Operating System for Mac dubbed as Mountain Lion.
  306. Toyota Efficiency Gains Spread Through the Auto Industry
    New J.D. Power data shows reliability and quality of cars is on the rise across the industry.
  307. Facebook Launches Pseudonyms and Verified Accounts
    Facebook Launches A New Feature That'll Affect Its Users
  308. February 16, 2012

    Woman Denied by Republican Darrell Issa Gives Testimony on Ed Show
    The testimony of Sandra Fluke is important and deserves to be heard
  309. Think Occupy is Over? 99% Spring Movement Just Getting Warmed Up
    Just as the Occupy Movement has seemed to lose its steam, along come an organized reboot of the popular financial and social justice movement. Meet 99% Spring.
  310. The Green Deal
    Looking further into the Green Deal scheme, the Government has talked it up largely, but it basically looks.
  311. The Current State of Our Wood Commodity
    Ancient forests are disappearing before our eyes. Deforestation eliminates habitat for wildlife, release greenhouse gases, and harms biodiversity.
  312. 2 Great Movie Trailers, One Low Price
    Movie trailers that must be seen.
  313. Voter Responsibility is an American Characteristic
    Research Finds Room for Improvement
  314. People Would Give Up Books Before Toilet Paper
    Americans are willing to help the environment, but not when it comes to their toilet paper use.
  315. Adverse Effects of Reality TV on Girls
    Reality TV is effecting how teen girls interact with friends and family
    in TV
  316. Apple Shows OS X Mountain Lion for Mac
    Apple announced OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion with many new features taken from iOS.
  317. Storytelling at Its Finest: High Dive and Other Things that Could Have Happened… by Bill Harley
    “There’s a big difference between who you think you are and who other people know you are.” –Bill Harley
  318. KidVid: Stellaluna Comes to Home Screens
    Take flight with a heartwarming video for the whole family, adapted from the classic tale, Stellaluna.
  319. Facebook Now Features Verified Accounts
    Like Twitter and Google+, Facebook introduces verified accounts to public figures.
  320. Igniting Social Media: Technorati Interview with Jeff Reine, General Manager of Typepad (Say Media) - Part Two
    Igniting Social Media: Shani Higgins (Technorati's CEO) interviews Jeff Reine (Typepad's General Manger) about blogging trends, mobile consumption and growth rates, companion commerce, content marketing, bloggers doing it "right" and becoming relevant and critical.
  321. NVIDIA Promises To Ship Tegra 3 Smartphones This Quarter
    NVIDIA CEO Huang says they will be shipping Tegra 3 quad-core smartphones this quarter.
  322. Lady Gaga Spreads Global Wings as Investors Join Her in Funding Backplane
    Lady Gaga is Global Dynamo As Investors Join Backplane Funding
  323. A Mormon, a Nutbag And a Lunatic Walk Into A Bar…
    Santorum may be the slightest, but all the remaining Republican contenders come up short.
  324. Valentine's Day Silicon Valley Style
    A love story, Silicon Valley style.....
  325. Iron Maiden Announce North American Tour from Seventh Son Days
    Iron Maiden announce 'Maiden England' North American Tour to mimic Seventh Son Tours from 1988.
  326. Boxed and Ready To Go, Rackspace Cloud Integrates Standard Congruity
    Rackspace Cloud in a Box is "Off the Rack" and Built
  327. Apple announces Developer Preview of OS X Mountain Lion
    Apple releases Developer Preview of OS X Mountain Lion.
  328. Nude Facebook Photo Forces Maine Coach's Resignation
    Maine Coach Fired Over Mistaken Facebook Nude Photo Posting
  329. Wrestlemania 29 Coming To MetLife Stadium in 2013
    MetLife Stadium in the Meadowlands will host Wrestlemania 29 in 2013.
  330. Investing in Comcast could be a good decision
    Comcast has reported increase in its profit and revenue in fourth quarterly results.
  331. Is Twitter Storing Your Address Book?
    Twitter and other social networks have been found to download users address books when using them on smartphones.
  332. Ghost Hunting Family With Viral YouTube Videos To Premier Paranormal Series
    Ghost Hunting Family Achieves Success On YouTube and Will Soon Premier A Web-Based Ghost Hunters Series.
  333. Do You Want The Guys At TMZ To Serve Up Hot News Even Hotter? They Can!
    Taking a leaf out of the new book of how to get the hook swallowed even deeper, TMZ has added a much greater and innovative punch to their delivery. The TMZ live is a terrific example of how you can spice up what you serve with what is available on the social media right now and create an ever increasing fan base of loyal followers.
  334. HTC Phones Getting Android Upgrades Boost
    HTC Announces Ice Cream Sandwich Updates To Their Handsets
  335. February 15, 2012

    Improving Your SAT Vocabulary
    SAT vocabulary words are easy to learn if you use the right memorization techniques and study steadily.
  336. Marc Jacobs: FW2012
    The Fall/Winter 2012-13 collection of Marc Jacobs. New York Fashion Week
  337. Facebook and Twitter flooded by Whitney Houston Scams
    Cybercriminals strike again by exploiting Whitney Houston's death to target the curiosity of Facebook and Twitter users.
  338. 49ers New Stadium Approved (Photos, Details)
    Santa Clara's City Council has approved construction of a new San Francisco 49ers stadium. Here are photos and details for the fans.
  339. KidVid: It’s Movietime with Barney and Thomas, and Bob’s Here to Help
    Three titles, seven discs, and all the fun you can handle, coming your way February 21, 2012.
  340. Jeremy Lin: Against the Odds He Succeeds
    With Lin-sanity reaching the White House and hearts of millions of fans, can we learn a lesson from this rising star who has stormed the NBA world like never before?
  341. Shades Posits the Afterlife
    Where do we go when we die? Not far from where we lived.
  342. BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Appears in Latest Best Buy Flyer
    All signals point to PlayBook OS 2.0 upgrade soon as Best Buy flyer shows info.
  343. Mario Monti's Boost to Italian and European Economy
    Professor Monti leads Italy out of the storm
  344. SignNow Launches Document Signing App for Android
    SignNow launches their Android App less than a month after they launched their free iPhone App.
  345. Is Newt Gingrich a Lean Six Sigma Spokesperson?
    US Presidential candidate is accused by BusinessWeek of profiting from his support of lean six sigma
  346. MySpace Thanks Facebook for Recent Success
    Facebook toppled MySpace back in the 2000s. Now MySpace thanks Facebook for its brand-new success?
  347. Whitney Houston's Death Feasted On By Cybercriminals?
    Cybercriminals Take Advantage Of Whitney Houston's Death
  348. Daytona Speedweeks Arrive
    NASCAR returns to Daytona and the mother track of sports car racing
  349. Alzheimers Disease: Is There Hope on the Horizon or More Dashed Dreams?
    A new drug used to treat skin cancer has shown promise in reversing Alzheimer's Disease symptoms in mice.
  350. Stylish, Intelligent, AND Discrete, Augmented Reality Glasses Get Cloud Access
    At least you'll be able to see them coming...
  351. FCC Cracks Down on Robocalls
    Soon, we won't have to avoid calls from weird area codes. The FCC is finally cracking down on annoying telemarketing practices like robocalls.
  352. Rumor: RIM Releasing BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Upgrade February 21st
    The new BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 upgrade is expected to launch February 21st according to a new report.
  353. Angry Birds Now On Facebook
    Rovio gives us a new way to waste time as Angry Birds is now available on facebook.
  354. GPS Interference by LightSquared’s Network Leads to its Suspension
    LightSquared's network is continuously interfering with other devices, leading to its suspension.
  355. Black History Month: Enter the Zone With Ameer Vincent
    Rapper Ameer Vincent has an intellectually stimulating conversation with Bryan Cain-Jackson
  356. Birth Control: Why Catholic Bishops Have Lost Their Clout In US Politics
    Catholic Bishops are finding it harder and harder to make the case they know better than the politicians when it comes to women and sex.
  357. Dark Horse Comics - New Release Reviews For February 15, 2012
    A Weekly Review Of Dark Horse Comics' Newest Releases So You Don't Waste Your Time
  358. Apple iPad 3 with LTE and A6 Quad-Core Announcement March 7th
    Apple making iPad 3 announcement on March 7th with A6 quad-core processor and LTE according to report.
  359. New Jersey Private Funeral for World Renowned Whitney Houston
    Private Funeral Services for Whitney Houston
  360. Jeremy's Lin-instincts Take Over
    Knicks defeat Raptors in Toronto
  361. Samsung’s New Business Strategy
    Samsung is considering separating the LCD businesses to improve the competitiveness.
  362. WWE RAW Supershow February 13, 2012 Results
    Cena finally embraces hate ?
  363. February 14, 2012

    A Trip To Italy With Jamie
    Visit Italy through the eyes and recipes of Jamie Oliver
  364. Continuing Weight Loss the American Way
    Traveling makes the fitness routine fonder
  365. Theyskens’ Theory: FW2012
    The Fall/Winter 2012-13 collection of Theyskens' Theory. New York Fashion Week
  366. Nice, French Riviera - Something for Everyone!
    Nice, the capital of the French Riviera is known to be a favorite tourist destination in France who are looking to take some photo-perfect postcards of this bustling resort city.
  367. An Affair to Remember? A Classic Tale of Routine Expansion as New York's Empire State Building Goes Public
    Wall Street Green Meets Investor Solvency, It's the Picture of Experience
  368. Overeating May Create Twice the Risk of Memory Loss in Elderly
    Overeating? Excess Calories May Create Twice the Risk for Memory Loss, Study Says
  369. New Tricks – Series Six Rewards Its Audience
    “New Tricks” continues to delight audiences with the release of “Series 6.”
  370. 8 Inch Apple iPad In the Works According to Report
    Apple may be launching 8 inch Apple iPad 'Mini' according to new online report.
  371. Sorry PSVita My Pockets Are Full
    Not so portable gaming from Sony
  372. Quad Core Smartphones Heading to UK in March
    HTC will launch the first quad core smartphone called the Endeavour, previously known as the HTC Edge.
  373. Motorola Atrix 2 Review
    The Motorola Atrix 2 gets a quick review.
  374. How Important Will Mobile Technology Be to 21st Century Seniors?
    This article helps senior citizens find useful apps to improve their safety and autonomy.
  375. Black History Month: Adylia-Rhenee of Yhorlife Opens Up
    The 20-year old CEO converses with Bryan Cain-Jackson about life and racial stereotyping
  376. AT&T and Corporate Values: Throttling Your Customers, Suppliers and Society
    AT&T's data "throttling" policy kills job creation, hurts small business and holds back the American economy.
  377. Game On! TWIT's Take on Gaming
    Getting into the game with TWIT's latest gaming show
  378. Book Review: Roger Ebert: Life Itself
    Ebert tackles the ultimate topic with grace and sincerity.
    in Film
  379. Angry Birds on Facebook
    Angry Birds have been launched as an app on Facebook.
  380. CERN Increasing Energy Level of Large Hadron Collider
    CERN will increase the energy level of Large Hadron Collider this year.
  381. Apple Announces Independent Inspections of Its Factories
    Apple Factories Face Independent Inspections
  382. An App To Mend Your Heart On Valentine's Day
    An Ex-Lover App To Help Heal A Brokenhearted Lovelife
  383. February 13, 2012

    TruSpeed Motorsports And City Of Long Beach Launch Grand Prix Magic
    Street course motorsports racing strikes many casual event goers as something that is simple and oddly natural in its creation.
  384. Heart Disease Continues as Leading Killer of Women
    Heart disease continues to be the leading cause of death of women in the United States and Canada.
  385. Searching for a New Car
    Taking a look at 2012 crossover vehicles.
  386. Igniting Social Media: Technorati Interview with Jeff Reine, General Manager of Typepad (Say Media)
    Igniting Social Media: Shani Higgins interviews Jeff Reine of Typepad
  387. Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter (Movie Trailer)
    The long-awaited first trailer for the fictitious historical movie Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter has finally been released. You're sure to enjoy...honest!
    in Film
  388. Did Whitney Houston Plan The Grandest Of Her Exits?
    No one in history, except Julius Caesar, perhaps had his or her praise sung to the world and immortalized, while the soul which was separated from the body must have been looking down on it and smiling in greatest of joy at the fulfilment of the life just ended.
  389. Apple Released New Ad Prior To Release Of The iPhone 5?
    Apple Released New Ad For iPhone 4S Before The Launch Of iPhone 5?
  390. The United States of.....Greece? Can It Happen Here?
    Can we go the way of Greece? Is Washington asleep or simply oblivious?
  391. Brilliant! App Stores Sort Usage by User Brand
    Data Usage, Device Function, Group User by Classification
  392. Navigating the New Ultrabooks
    The Reduced Size, Extended Battery Life and Excellent Performance Make Ultrabooks Hard to Resist
  393. Samsung Announces Galaxy Tab 2 with Android 4.0
    Samsung announces the Galaxy Tab 2
  394. Dot Hill has announced enhanced security and performance in VMware Virtual server systems
    Dot Hill has announced improved performance in VMware virtual server environments.
  395. Fair Labor Association Investigating Apple Suppliers including Foxconn
    Apple has requested the FLA investigate their suppliers for safe employee standards.
  396. Is Obama's Decision On The Contraception Mandate a Tipping Point?
    Dad warned me about the educated fool. He loses touch with reality readily, is ignorant, arrogant, egotistical, alienates people.
  397. Russian Scientists Breach 20 Million Year Old Lake
    Scientists breach a subglacial lake in Antarctica.
  398. Vodafone is Considering a deal with Cable and Wireless Worldwide
    Vodafone would make a deal with Cable & Wireless Worldwide.
  399. Electronic Health Records Make Doctors Accountable and Some Don't Like That
    Electronic health records allow precise audits of medical errors to see exactly how a patient was injured. Some in the medical informatics industry think that's bad.
  400. Black History Month 2012: Larry D. Bluford, Jr., an Evangelist Comes Full Circle
    Larry D. Bluford, evangelist and President of Operation T.H.U.G.S. shares his story with Bryan Cain-Jackson and Technorati
  401. Apple iPad 3 Image May Show Sharp Retina Display
    Apple iPad 3 leaked image shows Sharp may be the supplier for upgraded Retina display.
  402. YouTube Android App Gets Some Google TV Upgrades
    New updates from Google on YouTube app regarding Google TV.
  403. Can Apple End Boring Visitor Information Centers?
    Visitor Information Centers are usually boring places, but new, Apple-inspired VIC's are becoming fun and interactive
  404. Oil Prices Surge After Greek Parliament’s Approval of Austerity Deal
    Oil prices increased after new austerity deal by Greece.
  405. NY Knicks' Jeremy Lin: Tim Tebow's Version of the NBA?
    NY Knicks' Jeremy Lin Mania Sweeping The Basketball World!
  406. The Idea of Pinterest Began with Clothes Pins
    This platform that seems so new is really rooted in the past where the idea of "pinning" was commonplace and neighborly.
  407. Patent Fight Between Apple and Samsung in California District
    Apple Inc. has reported four of its patents' violations by Samsung Electronics.
  408. What Lies Ahead for 3DTVs?
    The 3D TV journey is just beginning. We have a long way ahead.
    in TV
  409. How Temporary Measures Become Permanent Ones
    The history of the telephone excise tax tells us where the payroll tax cut is going.
  410. What Whitney was REALLY Looking for...
    The dangers of seeking freedom outside of oneself
  411. February 12, 2012

    Jeremy Lin Goes From Rags to Riches in 8 Short Days
    The Jeremy Lin Sensation Continues
  412. The 54th Grammy Awards Make Good Vibrations
    Grammy Awards Close With A Generational Jam Session
  413. SIGGRAPH 2012 Puts a Visual on the City of Angels
    One of the most spectacular graphics/animation events of the year comes to the LA Convention Center, August 2012.
  414. MMA Fights for Attention
    MMA Gets More Mainstream With Fighters on The Screen and Innovative Apps
  415. The Most Reasonable Cell Phone Security in Existence
    There are plenty of ways to protect yourself from hackers, but which ones are the most reasonable to enforce?
  416. Reporting News Means Finding the Right Words; Twitter's Influence on Life
    A reaction to the Death of a Diva
  417. Whitney Houston, One of the Greatest Performers of All Time, is Dead
    Media coverage surrounding Whitney's death is horrific, appalling and irresponsible.
  418. What's Green at the Grammys?
    Chipotle Ad, ESP Bag and Cork
  419. Brazil: An Inconvenient History Sheds Light on Brazil’s Slave History
    Brazil’s heady carnivals, samba, football and bewildering ethnic diversity came at a very high price: the largest slave population in the world.
    in Film
  420. Whitney Houston – A Life of Triumph, Hope and Humility
    The World Mourns Another Musical Icon
  421. Alexander Wang: Fall/Winter 2012
    The Fall/Winter 2012-13 collection of Alexander Wang For New York Fashion Week
  422. Jason Wu: FW2012
    The Fall/Winter 2012-13 collection of Jason Wu For New York Fashion Week
  423. Report: Deleted Facebook Photos Still Shows Up On The Site
    Deleted Facebook Photos Remains Accessible On The Site?
  424. Stock of 7 out of 9 Most Admired Tech Companies Behaved, Negatively, During the Year But Now 4 out of 9 Improving
    Analysis of stock of 9 most admired tech companies to determine the strength of stock of these 9 companies
  425. Eastman Kodak has planned a new strategy to reduce business costs
    Eastman Kodak's has planned to move out of it primary business to reduce business costs.
  426. Getting ready for Google's New Privacy Policy
    The new Google Privacy Policy explained in simple terms and how to get ready for it
  427. 5 Free Drive Cloning Software To Safeguard Your Valuable Data
    Let's have a look at some of the best free disk cloning software that can help safeguarding your valuable data.
    in IT
  428. February 11, 2012

    Twitter Reactions to Whitney Houston's death
    Jennifer Lopez: Such a loss. One of the greatest voices of our time. Sending out prayers to her family #R.I.P.Whitney."
  429. Houston's Longing for Shakespeare's Vision
    What Really Was Houston's Greatest Love Of All?
  430. The End of the Television
    New frontiers open up as traditional TV dies
    in TV
  431. Filmmaker Demands "End Black History Month"
    Has Black History Month been reduced to a tool to move hot sauce, collard greens, and chicken?
    in Film
  432. Spike in Piracy Predicted as Musicians Continue to Abandon Streaming Services
    Cynical look at why musicians might be abandoning streaming services
  433. BMW will pay $3 million as fine for non-compliance with the National Regulations
    BMW will pay $3 million as fine of not fulfilling the national regulations.
  434. Whitney Houston's Top Grossing Singles of All Time
    Whitney Houston's top grossing songs
  435. Music Icon Whitney Houston Dies at Age 48
    Music icon Whitney Houston has died at age 48, of unreported causes.
  436. Publicist Confirms Death of Whitney Houston
    Whitney Houston dead at the age of 48.
  437. Solar Power Projects: Options to Consider
    If you really are interested in installing your own solar panels then consider some of the pros and cons beforehand.
    in DIY
  438. Iconic Portrait of Mary Todd Lincoln Discovered to be a Fake
    A famous painting of Mary Todd Lincoln, given away after Abe Lincoln's assassination, has been unveiled as a hoax by an independent curator.
  439. What Your Facebook Personality Says About You
    Two strong personality traits emerge from users of Facebook: the braggarts or complainers.
  440. My Valentine: E-Cupid’s Guide To Your Dream Mate
    Online dating is fast approaching the number one form of meeting the mate of your dreams. As its popularity grows so are pitfalls. Four cautionary guides are outlined in making the most of an online dating experience.
  441. Is the Honeymoon Over for eBook Lending?
    Major book publisher Penguin is pulling any new offerings from fledgling ebook borrowing service Overdrive. Is this the death knell for ebook lending?
  442. Paul Tracy & Alex Tagliani Nixed From Support By IZOD IndyCar Series
    The Leader Circle subsidy program is meant to reward teams for past performance and commitment to racing a full season.
  443. Google Wallet Issues: Why Losing Your Smartphone Could Mean Losing All Your Money
    A web forum revealed a troubling Google Wallet security hole, with a video showing how easy it is for someone to access your funds. Are you safe?
  444. Father Shoots Laptop Because of Daugther's Behavior on Facebook
    Father shoots daughter's laptop after her Facebook rant
  445. Android apps vs. iOS apps...And the winner is...
    Study Result Shows iOS Apps Crash More Often Than Android Apps
  446. Apple’s Financial Strength More than Google's and Microsoft's Combined
    Apple’s cap was around $462 billion as of mid-Friday while Microsoft and Google stood with $257 billion and $197 billion respectively.
  447. Colored Frames: A Visual Art Documentary (2007) Looks at Art and Racism
    A look back at the last fifty years in African American art…an unflinching exploration of influences, inspirations and experiences of black artists
    in Film
  448. February 10, 2012

    Blind Faith in Predictive (or any) Analytics is Dangerous
    Can we blindly trust all models simply because the math behind them is highly sophisticated? No! Behind every successful model lurks a few dangerous assumptions. If the assumptions are violated, the model is just conjecture.
  449. Game Day Research Calls Superbowl XLVI a Social Media Blitz
    Study Proves Points
  450. Silly Political Argument of the Day - Contraception
    Old men choose to deny birth control to young women, think its the free exercise of religion?
  451. Lady Gaga's New Social Network Launches. Here's How to Join
    Global social and music icon Lady Gaga now has her own social network. Here's how you get your ticket inside...
  452. So-Called Blasphemous Tweets Could Cost Saudi Blogger His Life
    Twitter Users Should Avoid Criticizing Islam In Even The Slightest Way
  453. An Overview on Cinavia on Play Station 3
    As of system update 3.1X illegally or legally copied movies do not play on PS3 thanks to Cinavia.
  454. KidVid: Commemorate Black History Month with African Folk Tales
    “I am the Long One. I eat trees and trample on elephants. I’ll trample on you.”
  455. Ellen DeGeneres, Ron Johnson and the 'Million Moms' Debate: Winning the Values War
    In Protecting and Preserving JCPenney's Values, Ron Johnson and Ellen DeGeneres Showed How Important and Profitable Corporate Values Really Are
  456. New Social Media Startups Sweeping the Web
    Social media moves far beyond Facebook and Twitter
  457. Economist James Case & A Look At The U.S. Economy
    Author/economist James Case converses with Technorati's Bryan Cain-Jackson about the truth behind why Obama can't fix the economy
  458. KidVid: The Valentines Collection Is Sugar-Free, Fat-Free, and Fun
    Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a child and the “The Valentines Collection.” You won’t gain an ounce!
  459. Digital Death - Social Media Owns Your Data (Video Infographic)
    Do you know what could happen to all your social media data online after you die?
  460. Four Seasons Facebook Giveaway Celebrating Valentine's Day: Come One, Come All
    Four Seasons Valentine's Day Giveaway on Facebook $2500 Gift Card
  461. Apple iPhone and iPad Getting U.S. Government Attention
    Apple iPhones and iPads will be used by NOAA instead of BlackBerry devices after May 2012.
  462. Excited Over Developments at RIM? Why You Should Be
    2012 could be the year that BlackBerry turns things around and makes a comeback in the phone industry.
  463. Teen's Bullying by Coach and Rival's Mother at Elite Private School Nearly Turns Fatal
    Teen in Elite Private High School Bullied and Harassed; Her Life Will Never be the Same Again
  464. UFC: The Year So Far
    Condit outpoints Diaz, Sonnen narrowly defeats Bisping, Jose Aldo continues to dominate, the UFC in 2012.
  465. Angry Birds to Invade Facebook on Valentine's Day
    Angry Birds To Partner With Facebook on February 14, 2012
  466. Movies Promoting Conservative and Biblical Values a Hit in Hollywood
    According to Movieguide, movies promoting conservative/biblical values are bigger money makers than those promoting liberal/leftist values.
  467. Robert Sciglimpaglia Scores a Touchdown with Hilarious Chevy Super Bowl Commercial
    Chevy hits the jackpot with their hilarious “Happy Grad” Super Bowl commercial.
    in TV
  468. The Super Fresh Debacle
    Kesha of Weighs In On Recent Controversy Out of Philadelphia
  469. Honesty with Patients is Optional with Some Doctors
    Doctors answer "it all depends" when asked if they should always be honest with their patients.
  470. SCIENCE FAIR: You don’t have to FREAK OUT!
    Help is Available!
  471. Casualties of Un-passed SOPA – Another One Bites the Dust
    File-sharing sites are running scared because of what happened to Megaupload.
  472. February 9, 2012

    Nicholas K: FW2012
    The Fall/Winter 2012-13 collection of Label Nicholas K with Photos and review
  473. Share Some Instagram Love this Valentine's with Lovestagram
    Are you an Instagram addict? The girlfriend of one of the popular image sharing app's founders has created a Valentine's version to share the love.
  474. Two Systems that Promote Younger Looking Skin
    These two gentle systems can help your skin look and feel younger.
  475. Woody Allen Exposed in Woody Allen: A Documentary (2011)
    Everything you ever wanted to know about Woody Allen…and you didn’t have to ask.
    in Film
  476. Sport Hunting in Cuba: a Unique Experience at the Reach of your Hands.
    A experience that ensures the client's emotions to face the forces of nature and admiring the rich Cuban biodiversity.
  477. KidVid: All Aboard! Chuggington’s Trainees Have a Valentine’s Surprise for You
    Chuggington fans will fall in love with their favorite trainee trio with Brewster’s Little Helper.
  478. US Constitution: The Bishops Don’t Get a Veto
    As the Bishops try to strong arm the US Constitution, Republicans follow gleefully behind.
  479. Google’s Cloud Storage ‘Drive’ Coming Soon
    The search giant, Google, is planning to introduce a new cloud storage service named as ‘Drive’in the coming months or even weeks.
  480. Irish Textbooks Going Into the Cloud
    Irish Textbooks will be available through Microsoft Azure in effort to bring Irish education online
  481. CNN Suspends Defenseless Undefendable Commentator For Opinionated Tweeting
    Exuberance Over Superbowl Seeks Rush to Judgment
  482. Lessons From Caterpillar's London, Ontario Exit
    I scoured the news media to find a balanced article on Caterpillar’s exit from London, Ontario. What did I see?
  483. Facebook Friend Delete Leads to Shooting Deaths of Couple
    Facebook Delete Turns Out to be Deadly For Young Couple
  484. Dignity in the Camps of Haiti
    For the first time bloggers visited the tent camp of J/P HRO. Against all odds, Haitians keep their dignity intact.
  485. Hacker Group Gains Access to Apple Supplier Foxconn
    Apple parts supplier Foxconn was the victim of a hacker group called Swagg Security recently.
  486. The Bourne Legacy Jeremy Renner-style
    The action franchise goes in another direction with a new star.
    in Film
  487. FBI Warns Cloud Providers About Security Requirements
    FBI Will Not Contract With Cloud Vendors Unless They Follow Security Requirements
  488. iPad 3 Announcement First Week of March 2012
    Apple is expected to announce the iPad 3 in the first week of March according to AllThingsD.
  489. No Child Left Behind Waived For 10 States
    President Obama is freeing 10 states from the requirements of "No Child Left Behind".
  490. How to Prepare Your Kids for a Family Vacation
    Getting the kids excited is key to a successful holiday
  491. Tiger Woods 2012 Debut Headlines AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am
    Tiger Woods makes his 2012 debut at an event he won in 2000.
  492. Microsoft to Unveil Windows 8 on February 29
    Microsoft to unveil Windows 8 this upcoming leap day in a Customer Preview event in Barcelona.
  493. Debauch Ministers in Dirty Business!
    The voters and the society must decide!
  494. Nokia's Planned Decision to Cut 4,000 jobs is Not Breaking News
    Finnish electronic giant to cut down 4,000 more jobs at its manufacturing plants in Finland, Hungary and Mexico was not taken by me as the ‘Breaking or Shocking News’ as it was part of a good planning.
  495. NFL Star Tim Tebow Building A Hospital For The Poor
    Tim Tebow's Next Big Play Is In The Philippines
  496. Why Most Retail Investors are Underachievers
    Behavioral Finance experts shed light on the most common investor mistakes and how to avoid them.
  497. February 8, 2012

    Another Reason to Think Twice Before Sipping That Soda
    Study links lung disease to consumption of more than half of a liter of soft drinks per day
  498. Current Fashion Trends For 2012
    What are the trends for the year so far?
  499. CDC Says 90% of Americans Eat Too Much Salt. Do You?
    Study by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Says 90% of Americans Eat Too Much Salt. Are You the 90%?
  500. Uniiverse Gets Funding For Socially Collaborative Network Platform
    Takes User Experience to the Transaction
  501. Google #1 Against All Other IT Companies in Greenpeace Leaderboard Rankings
    Greenpeace Cool IT Leaderboard Shows Google #1
  502. Fuel Injection Comes to NASCAR
    Technology finally catches up to NASCAR as fuel injection arrives in Sprint Cup
  503. Mitt Romney --- A Jello Conservative
    Romney seems to be a Republican 'pragmatist' with no core conservative principles.
  504. Israeli ‘Espionage’ Couple Deported In ‘Trade Off’ Scam?
    “Kochi is known to be a hotbed of Islamic fundamentalists. Last year a Christian preacher was pulled out of his car and his hand chopped off.
  505. The Brainchild of Unpaid Internships: The Nazis
    Analyzing the scam that is sweeping across college campuses and the swine that empower it.
  506. Santorum's Super Tuesday 3 State Caucus Surge - Now What?
    What this leaves is a situation where Santorum and Gingrich possibly asking Romney to leave the race.
  507. Casualties of Un-Passed SOPA – Another One Bites the Dust
    File-sharing sites are running scared because of what happened to Megaupload.
  508. Dark Horse Comics - New Release Reviews for February 8, 2012
    A Weekly Review Of Dark Horse Comics' Newest Releases So You Don't Waste Your Time
  509. Apple iPad 3 Back Housing Shows Upgrades
    The iPad 3 back housing leaked online shows room for different parts and upgrades.
  510. The Amazing Spiderman 2012 Trailer 2 Debut
    Marvel Comics' 2nd movie of the year. The Amazing Spiderman movie debuts July 3 2012
    in Film
  511. Chrome for Android Released in Beta, no Flash Support
    Google launched Chrome for Android beta on Tuesday with no flash support, only for Android 4.0.
  512. For the First Time Since 1984, Van Halen is Back
    Van Halen has officially released a new album with David Lee Roth called A Different Kind of Truth, and it's killer!
  513. Double Fine Happy Action Theater : A Parent's Dream
    An amazingly fun download for the kids.
  514. U2 Can Be A Rollin' Stone with PogoPlug
    Best Buy, Walmart to sell PogoPlug
  515. Mobile & Social Win Super Bowl
    Mobile and social proved to be important factors in Super Bowl advertisement success in 2012.
  516. Will Apple Rename the iPad?
    Exploring New Names
  517. The Other 4-Letter Word
    Ah, Love. Never was there an emotion so tailor-made for the idea that without pain there is no joy. That Eros can be one tough bastard. But we’d all go there anyway, because when it’s real, there’s nothing better. Not even chocolate.
  518. India High Court Rules to Instill Confidence in Usage
    US firms required to grow up
  519. Rumors: Samsung Galaxy S III Coming In Early Spring?
    Samsung Galaxy S lll Launch: Getting All Buzzed Up Early
  520. How Not to Manage a PR Stunt in a Social World
    Trading common sense for fifteen cents on the dollar.
  521. Alam Khan: A Classical Music Marvel
    Alam Khan discusses his legendary father, today's music and his contribution to classical music
  522. February 7, 2012

    An Interview With Dr. Wallace J Nichols, Blue Marbles Project Founder
    Technorati's exclusive interview with Ocean Biologist Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, founder of the Blue Marbles Project.
  523. About Antioxidants
    Antioxidants, ORACs and free-radicals, oh my!
  524. Ministers Caught Watching Porn in the Legislative Assembly
    Two Karnataka BJP ministers caught watching porn film in Legislative assembly
  525. From Titanic to Concordia
    A Century After the Titanic Disaster, A Rush to Compare the Costa Concordia's Fate
  526. South's Tallest Skyscraper Sold At Auction Today
    BofA Plaza Not in Distress, but Disgusted
  527. Amplifying Crowdboosting in a Global Art Marketplace
    New global crowdboosting site coming soon in beta
  528. Social Media Chronicles Super Bowl XLVI Engagement
    Social media gives insight to viewer feelings, behavior during Super Bowl.
  529. Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg Discusses Women Lagging Behind Men in Business
    Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook Claims Women Hampered by "Ambition Gap."
  530. Facebook & Wall Street : The Emperor's New Clothes
    Facebook with negligable assets and profit track record may soon become more valuable than Ford Motors & Amazon !
  531. India Supports Active Human Rights for Government and Religious Freedom
    Reinforces Need for Hearty International Guidelines
  532. Will Politics Cost Us the Battle Against Climate Change ?
    A solar power project that can slow down climate change if we collaborate for the sake of this planet.
  533. RIM Grounds and Pounds BlackBerry Devices in Testing
    Research In Motion released a set of videos showing us the punishment they put on their BlackBerry devices in house.
  534. John Cena to Enter Wrestlemania XXVIII with Machine Gun Kelly’s “Invincible” as his Entrance Music
    WWE Wrestlemania XXVIII Goes “Invincible”
  535. Canadian Website Recognizes Cuban Hotels with an International Award
    The Brisas Sierra Mar and Los Galeones hotels received the International Award of 2011 that given by, which assumes more than 80% of travel agencies of that northern country.
  536. Disrupting Education with Technology
    Technology will disrupt the education of our children - in a good way.
  537. LACOT in Conversation with Johnny Jet
    Oh....What a night!
  538. The Reaping
    Shepard's back to have sex with hot aliens...again.
  539. Komen Exec Handel Quits After Brinker Reverses. It's Still about Politics!
    Karen Handel Resigns in the Wake of the Komen Foundation Furor.
  540. California Gay Marriage Ban Ruled Unconstitutional, But Appeal Imminent
    US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rules California gay marriage ban unconstitutional, but Prop 8 supporters vow to appeal.
  541. Google Plus Crosses 90 Million User Mark
    Google's online social networking service "Google Plus" crosses 90 million user mark since its launch in June.
  542. Start Looking For A Sugar Daddy
    New Report Recommends Regulating Sugar
  543. Apple Gaining Partners for Testing Siri Features on iTV
    Apple bringing new partnerships and Siri to iTV later this year
  544. BravoTV's Million Dollar Man Gets Social
    Take a peek at what it takes for BravoTV’s Madison Hildebrand, of “Million Dollar Listing,” to thrive via social media…
    in TV
  545. Kobe Moves Up
    Surpasses Shaq becoming fifth all-time scorer
  546. Lin-credible!
    Jeremy Lin starts and helps Knicks win.
  547. Toyota Drop the Ball with Super Bowl Twitter Spam
    Car company Toyota dropped the ball as they spammed Twitter users during the Super Bowl.
  548. Knee Jerk Politics and Income Inequality
    This is certainly not a game, but a great deal many of us have been played.
  549. RIM Offers Free Blackberry To Apps Developers
    Winning App Developer To Get A Free Playbook From RIM?
  550. Facebook Users "DISLIKE" New Timeline
    World's #1 Social networking hit by a wave of criticism !!
  551. February 6, 2012

    Independent Lens: The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 Is Exceptional
    Take a fascinating look at the Black Power movement through the lens of Swedish journalists.
    in Film
  552. Death With Dignity: How to Die in Oregon (2011; now on DVD)
    Would you want the right to choose when it’s your time?
    in Film
  553. Has iTunes Music Match Scrubbed the F-Bombs From Your Songs?
    Apple's Cloud-based Music Match service has been swapping out some of its users more explicit songs for cleaner versions. What the (bleep!!!)?
  554. Twitter Eyes Irish in Pursuit of Green
    Seeks Dublin developers during tea time
  555. Your Super Bowl Winnings are Taxable and Your Losses Might be Deductible
    A portion of your gambling winnings, legal or otherwise, belong to the IRS.
  556. Will the European Union Hold Up Against the Cold Front?
    What will be the effects on the European Union's economy following the cold front.
  557. Tiger Mother, Make Way for the Mere Francaise
    A new book on French parenting is sure to cause a new wave of controversy.
  558. Passive Smoking: Anti-Smoking Legislation
    Smoking in cars with children on board
  559. "Power Tends To Corrupt, And Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely"
    We have sunk to cheering blow dried liars.
  560. The Scale of Biofuels
    How efficient is biofuel?
  561. Sex, Violence, Indulgence, Speed and the Super Bowl
    What are the responsibilities of advertising?
    in TV
  562. Can Technology Reduce the Stress, Uncertainty of Travel?
    Can travel technology take the stress and even the health hazards out of travel?
  563. Buzz Report: Blackberry Superphone Is Coming!
    RIM Cooking Up Something Big For Blackberry in 2012?
  564. Red Light Therapy Increases Collagen Synthesis
    Red light therapy is a powerful tool that stimulates vital collagen and elastin production.
  565. Today's Fashion For Women - Who Exactly Decides What's Fashionable?
    Who is the real fashion police?
  566. A Doctor's Advice to Parents about Vaccinations
    Vaccinations are still the right thing to do, but many parents resist. Here is one doctor's prescription for a cure.
  567. Madonna Super Bowl Show Tainted by M.I.A. Gesture
    NBC issues formal apology for the finger heard around the world.
  568. Study Finds Facebook Users Generate Informed Opportunity
    Pew Research Study Signifies Proud Habitude
  569. A.J. Foyt Released from Houston Hospital
    A.J. Foyt is released from Houston hospital where he has been recuperating from complications of knee surgery
  570. Samsung Galaxy S III Will Be Thinner, Launch in Spring 2012
    Samsung may be launching the 7mm thin Galaxy S III in May 2012 .
  571. The Avengers 2012 Trailer Preview
    The Avengers first trailer for movie opening May of 2012. Synopsis and actor info...
    in Film
  572. If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Google and Facebook
    By joining the networks, the Prime Minister and his government is clearly showing that the Social web in India is here to stay and will be an integral part of the democratic environment likes the developed countries.
  573. The 6-Hour Work Day : A Solution to Unemployment with Benefits for the Wealth Creators
    SIX HOUR DAY For EIGHT HOURS PAY- Surprise IT PAYS FOR ITS SELF at least in Brazil.
  574. Should We Be Worried About Lego Movies?
    How about a big deal Hollywood ceremony for Lego movie winners
  575. Jack Armstrong Speaks On The Modern Art Scene's Corruption
    Jack Armstrong converses with Technorati's Bryan Cain-Jackson about the corruption of the mainstream art gallery scene.
  576. SuperBowl XLVI Sets Two Twitter Records
    The NFL has three event in the twitter top for tweets per second charts. Two were from SuperBowl 2012.
  577. Facebook More Addictive Than Tobacco
    New research reveals that social media is more addictive than both alcohol and tobacco.
  578. The Santa Cruz Experiment: Why You Should Care About Big Data
    The Santa Cruz Experiment: Why You Should Care About Big Data
  579. Super Bowl Advertising on AUTO-pilot?
    Super Bowl XLVI advertising was a dud for most categories, but the extra point goes to automotive marketers for a solid showing. A breakdown of auto highlights.
  580. UFC 143: Condit vs Diaz Recap
    Carlos Condit narrowly outpoints Nick Diaz, wins welterweight title. Diaz retires.
  581. Vimeo is Now Available For Windows Phone Users
    Official Vimeo Windows Phone app is now finally released for Windows Phone 7 users. Packed with all the best ever features of Vimeo into one app, this apps is now available in marketplace for download.
  582. Lady GaGa First on Planet Earth to Reach 18 Million Followers on Twitter
    Ahead of Justin Bieber by 2 Million fans.
  583. The Future of Your TV May Belong to This Man
    Fledgling podcast networks need to get real.
  584. What Do the Features Reveal About Samsung's Next Galaxy Series Smartphone?
    Samsung Galaxy S III may be released in April after the occasion of Mobile World Congress, scheduled to be held in Barcelona, in the last week of February.
  585. Giants Win the Super Bowl
    Another comeback for Eli
  586. Kyle Stanley Wins The Waste Management Phoenix Open
    Kyle Stanley earns his first career PGA Tour victory.
  587. February 5, 2012

    When Siri Goes Psycho (Short Film)
    What if Siri went, well, psycho? AndrewMFilms put together a video short reminding us that Siri could be listening...even now.
  588. Australian Flooding Causes Mass Evacuation
    Queensland, Australia faces record breaking flood water levels.
  589. Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane? It's the iPhone5! (Feature List)
    Will the iPhone 5 set the trend for the next generation of mobiles ?
  590. Female Gaming Should Be Strong
    A woman is smart and strong, games should be showing that.
  591. The Non-Sports Fan Survival Guide To Super Bowl XLVI
    Yes, with just hours away from Superbowl XLVI in Indianapolis, it's time for the obligatory post where I predict the winner and grace you, dear reader, with a PSA about surviving today's festivities. We all know it's important for man to have a ritual.
  592. Romney And The Uphill Slog Of Transaction With Tea Party Trust
    Mitt Romney wins Neveda - It says much about a man who doesn't gamble, smoke, or drink to leave Nevada a winner.
  593. Super Bowl 2012 Stats from NFL (Infographic)
    The NFL released an infographic showing us a few stats on what they expect during Super Bowl 2012.
  594. Life After IPO! Facebook: Growth? Innovation? Development? Profits? You Bet!
    Facebook Files IPO. Any Questions?
  595. Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Review
    Here is a quick review of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play
  596. 5 Myths of Internet Marketing
    5 common misconceptions about internet marketing
  597. Cricket: The Full Truth About Yuvraj Singh!
    He must win this crucial match for India too.
  598. Women and Leadership: Sheryl Sandberg and the Facebook IPO
    Women should focus on limitless horizons when choosing their mentors and role models
  599. February 4, 2012

    Apple TV Now Shows your Genius Recommendations
    Apple TV now has Genius recommendations for your TV and movies.
  600. Genetically Modified Food and Politics: It’s All in Oath of Office
    A shocking new novel at the crossroads of politics and medicine.
  601. The Independent Spirt Awards - Who needs an Oscar?
    The rise of independent films and their impact on the Oscars.
    in Film
  602. Best SuperBowl Commercials of All Time
    The SuperBowl is known for the commercials, here's a list of the best SuperBowl commercials of all time.
  603. Would You Sacrifice Your Child For the Love of God?
    “Men never commit evil so fully and joyfully as when they do it for religious convictions” - Blaise Pascal
  604. A Simple Solution that may save Many Small Businesses
    An easy fix to get Small businesses the same Corporate Welfare that Big Business Enjoys.
  605. Twitter Explores Brand Advertising with Influence
    Brands Can Find Distinct Mix for Perfect Campaigns
  606. Facebook's IPO Filing Pushes Zynga's Stock Prices Higher and Higher
    Zynga's Stock Price Reaches New Highs With Facebook IPO Filing
  607. It's the End of the World: Got A Chevy? Chevrolet's Superbowl Ad Debuts
    Chevy's new Superbowl ad asks the question, which truck would YOU like to own when the world ends? Don't ask Dave...
  608. Everyone can benefit from a week in Slab City
    Can slab city help us over come the economic crisis ?
  609. Top 3 Reasons NOT to Jailbreak your iOS Device
    Reasons Not To Jailbreak your Device
  610. How to Host a Green Superbowl Party
    Eco-Friendly Ways to Party
  611. Riteish Deshmukh weds Genelia D'Souza
    3 February 2012, Hotel Grand Hyatt, Mumbai
  612. Disney Releases 'Happiest App on Earth'
    The Happiest Place on Earth now has its very own app, providing photo and video tours, games and activities. The mouse is now in your house!
  613. Brazilian Blowout's Unethical Style Cheats Women, Sparks Petition
    This article speaks to a petition to stop unethical acts by Brazilian Blowout company to mislead women into using their product while exposing them to known debilitating carcinogens.
  614. Politics of Corruption: The Democratic Angle
    In a democratic decentralized corruption system you hardly know where to focus!
  615. Facebook IPO Means Nonprofits Have to Get Serious About Social Media Advertising
    What does Facebook's IPO Mean for Nonprofit Marketing?
  616. Sugar Wars: The Public vs. the Personal
    Sugar Wars - Do we need government intervention to help us control our appetite for sugar?
  617. Three Ways to Beat Brady and Win the Super Bowl
    A last minute game plan for the Giants on Sunday
  618. February 3, 2012

    Indianapolis to Combat Super Bowl Weekend Sex Trafficking
    Indianapolis police, lawmakers and clergy set the groundwork to protect teenage girls and fight the Super Bowl's ugly stepsister, the sex trade.
  619. Want to Know Who Has 'Unfriended' You? Now You Can With 'Unfriend Finder'
    A new application to find who has ditched you on Facebook.
  620. Apple iPad and iPhone Apps Crash More Than Android
    Android looks to have less app crashes than Apple iOS in new report.
  621. Latest Grapevines And Tidbits On iPhone 5!
    iPhone 5's Possible Launch, Features And Specs
  622. "54" Singer Eric Redd Talks Andrew Lloyd Webber, Don Cornelius and Kelsey B.
    One of the greatest pleasures I’ve had lately was sitting down with multi-talented singer-songwriter Eric Redd. Redd has just released his latest single with Carrillo Music, “54,” the title track from his new CD.
  623. Revitalization of Windows 8 in Late February
    Windows 8 Beta, the next Flagship operating system of Microsoft, would be launched in late February with many new features different from Windows Developer Preview.
  624. The Komen Dilemma
    Should The Susan G. Komen Foundation and the countless women fighting breast cancer pay for Nancy G. Brinker's political agenda or mistakes?
  625. What Trump’s Endorsement Is Going To Do For Romney?
    Storm over a teacup
  626. Lucid Dream, Raging Nightmare: How Debt and Avarice are Destroying America
    We are all on the same boat. Let's hope it isn't the titanic. Steering our country back on course.
  627. Adam Lambert Joins Legendary Rock Band Queen?
    American Idol winner Adam Lambert has spilled the beans - he'll be fronting legendary rock band Queen!
  628. Leadership Development and the POWER of Silence
    Silence is a powerful motivator for accountability.
  629. Manhattan-sized Glaciers Break off at Both Ends of the Globe
    Glaciers are melting at an alarming rate, is this a normal cycle or the effects of global warming ?
  630. Just Picture It! Photogenic and Healthy, Veggies Are Appetizing As Background
    School Lunch Program Shows Healthy Promise
  631. Taking Bioshock to New Heights
    Bioshock: Infinite is not recommended for those with a fear of heights.
  632. Reuters Social Pulse Lets Social Media 'Make the Front Page'
    Reuters' new Social Pulse curates the most popular stories from other news influencers. What's this mean for social media, and the news cycle?
  633. Anonymous Hacks Email, Eavesdrops on FBI's Phone Call
    Using their tactics, Anonymous records a phone call between the FBI and Scotland Yard — and Posts it online.
  634. Apple Patent Shows Touchscreen iMac May Be Launching
    A new patent submitted by Apple shows touchscreen feature for iMacs.
  635. Super Brands and the Super Bowl
    Brand Bowl 2012 is here. Who's taking home the championship
  636. Pssst... Dropbox Giving Away 5GB Free Photo-Syncing Space!
    Cloud storage service Dropbox just dropped an experimental new build offering users up to 5GB more free photo and video storage space. Get yours!
  637. Apple, Samsung Top Profit and Sales
    Can anything stop Apple's momentum?
  638. Top 5 SuperBowl Commercials of 2012
    The Superbowl is on Sunday, along with these Top 5 commercials to watch.
  639. Komen Foundation Reverses Controversial Decision
    After a steady negative onslaught of press, comments, site hacking and resignations, the Susan G. Komen Foundation has changed its mind.
  640. What Is It Like To Work For Apple?
    New Apple Engineers Given Fake Projects?
  641. Gordie Howe's Health Causing Widespread Speculation
    Hockey icon Gordie Howe has been the source of widespread media speculation over concerns for his health.
  642. Old Spice Sprays Us With Three Awesome Red Zone Commercials
    Old Spice is back at it, with three new commercials starring NFL strongman Terry Crews. Ya gotta watch...
  643. Samsung Galaxy S3 - Stellar Surprise
    We also know very few hard facts about the Samsung Galaxy S3's features - so why the excitement?
  644. Star Trek Online comes to Steam and it's Free
    Looking at the latest Star Trek MMO
  645. Happy Honda Days No More
    Heather Peters' Win Against Honda in Small Claims Court Is a Victory For the Little Guy
  646. Gasland Director Josh Fox Arrested at Fracking Hearing
    Josh Fox, Gasland Director Arrested for Attempted Advocacy While Filming a Public Congressional Hearing About Fracking
    in Film
  647. Google Rolls Out Country Specific Censorship
    Google announces incremental changes to url handling that will allow for country specific censorship
  648. Would You Still Take Your Investment to India?
    Either way 800 millions of daft Indians subscribers, who clamour for justice but only make missed calls on their cell phones because they hate to pay for the calls, will now have to learn that there is nothing called a free meal, when the tariffs will go sky rocketing as a result of new auctions ordered by the Supreme Court.
  649. February 2, 2012

    It’s The Social Bowl
    With all the new social platforms, this is going to be a highly discussed, debated, and dissected Super Bowl ever.
  650. Following Atticus Book Review
    A newspaperman and his miniature schnauzer tackle climbing mountains and a few life issues together in new book.
  651. Going Wheat-Free
    Making the decision to go wheat-free, and sticking with it.
  652. Cuba Prepares Fourth Edition of the International Golf Tournament “Montecristo Cup”
    The event each year gains in concurrence. Gives you the opportunity to get closer to Varadero, Cuba's most famous beach.
  653. Fashion Tips For Summer 2012
    Fashion essentials
  654. Pinterest Gaining Intensity and Support with Social Zealots
    A Social Segue Pinterest Pins Passion
  655. Romney and the Latino Vote
    The Cuban Never Ending Story and why Democrats shouldn't worry about it.
  656. Mainstream Pundits Join the War on Stupid
    Mainstream pundits finally join our War on Stupid.
  657. Colorado Seeks Lean Mean Title
    Bans Trans-fat in Greatest Proportions
  658. Furor Over Komen's Announcement Escalates! Komen Site Hacked!
    Komen Site Hacked! Atlanta Planned Parenthood Runs From Any Komen Association
  659. UFC 143: Diaz vs Condit Preview
    GSP is waiting.
  660. Courtney Comes Clean is Shockingly Revealing
    Newly released e-book provides a rare and often disturbing view of the manic and drama-filled life of Courtney Love.
  661. European Cold Snap Hits UK
    UK Temperatures plummet as snow is forecast
  662. KidTunes: Nature Jams Farmer Jason and Buddies
    Farmer Jason encourages kids to get active and delight in the big world outside with “Nature Jams.”
  663. Digital Privacy and the Fifth Amendment
    Where do our digital records stand when it comes to the 5th Amendment and privacy? Even if they're encrypted, those records don't stand much chance.
  664. Pinterest: The Next Best Thing in Social Networking!
    Newest Popular Social Networking Site
  665. Igniting Social Media: Technorati Interview with Bruce Polderman, Product Manager of Google/Blogger
    Igniting Social Media: Shani Higgins (CEO, Technorati) speaks to Bruce Polderman (Product Manager, Google/Blogger) about Blogger, Google+ and what to expect from their blogging platform in 2012.
  666. Komen vs Pro-choice & Dem. Senators: It's Political! Not About Brinker's "Efficiency!"
    The Battle Rages: For Komen, Withdrawal of Funds to Planned Parenthood Based on Efficiency. For Others, It's All About Politics!
  667. iPhone 5 Launch May Be at Apple's WWDC Event June 2012
    Apple may be getting ready to launch the iPhone 5 at WWDC 2012 in June according to a new report.
  668. Blackberry Smartphones: The Safest and Most Secure Handsets?
    RIM's Blackberry Phones And Playbook: Best In Its Category For Safety and Security?
  669. Cloud Computing Goes to College
    University of Indiana Students Eye Scientific Research Goals
  670. Carnival Cruises Offers Passengers of ShipWreck Costa Concordia A 30% Discount Off Next Cruise
    Carnival Cruises if offering surviving passengers of Costa Concordia a 30% discount on their next cruise as part of company compensation.
  671. iPad 3 Rumors Keep Moving as New Help Books Appear
    More hints that a new Apple iPad 3 will be launching in March 2012.
  672. The State of Affiliate Marketing in 2012
    The Affiliate industry is still a growing community, and has proven to be a very promising business model for merchants, affiliate networks and affiliates over the years.
  673. Apple's Siri Still Confused in Scotland (Explicit)
    Issues with Apple's Siri understanding people in Scotland has prompted a fake and funny YouTube commercial
  674. When Mayors Attack
    Would A Mayor Under Scrutiny for Misconduct and Civil Rights Violations Initiate A Witch Hunt Directed at Black Business Owners?
  675. Two Out of Every Three Tweets are not Worth Reading
    New research reveals the most annoying tweets shared on Twitter.
  676. Waste Management Phoenix Open Preview & Groups To Watch
    The 16th hole steals the show at the Waste Management Phoenix Open.
  677. February 1, 2012

    Google Privacy Policy Adds Security
    Difference between privacy, security, and self-representation is 'Google-ability'
  678. Hostile Witness (1968) Could Have Been Shorter
    Did the lawyer kill the judge? Do we care?
    in Film
  679. Souvenirs Inspiration
    Get inspiration from souvenirs international exchange.
  680. Party Like It's 2012 - Mayan Calendar Hits Reset Button
    The Mayan World Gets Ready to Celebrate 2012
  681. The Health Benefits of Eating Fruit
    Tech elongates life, but does not provide quality of life — eating good food does
  682. How to Lose the Holiday Fat You Gained
    Plant Compounds augment Your Weight Loss Efforts
  683. Assange Extradition
    Once again governments will ignore rule of law
  684. University Down Under Offers Cloud Computing Course Program
    University answers the call of demand for cloud computing experts and enthusiasts.
  685. Chaos Reigns in GOP Primaries due to Lack of Conservative Leadership
    Republican candidates are in-fighting because no one has been able to spell out the recipe for bringing our economy back from the brink
  686. Cosmic Photos - A Cool Picture Every Day
    Daily image of our fascinating universe along with a brief explanation by a professional astronomer
  687. Democrats and Liberals Must Unite for Obama in 2012
    With the approaching elections, now more than ever we must unite and support Obama. The right wing can't win, that would be a reward after their behavior these past 3 years!
  688. Florida Boosts Romney
    Is GOP presidential nomination sealed?
  689. Samsung Superbowl Ad Will Be Huge In Many Ways
    Samsung has a big ad to show at the Superbowl for the Samsung Galaxy Note launch.
  690. MegaRetrieval Comes to Rescue Megaupload Users in Virtual Limbo
    EFF and Carpathia Create MegaRetrieval to Reprieve Megaupload Customers in Data Limbo
  691. Buzz Report: iPad 3 Nearing Launch!
    iPad 3 Is Very Close To Its Launch?
  692. Mel Gibson, Fox, and DirecTV Test-Drive New Movie Distribution Model
    Mel Gibson, Fox, and DirecTV take a chance with a straight to VOD film.
    in Film
  693. Vice Squad (1953): One Call, They Do It All
    “Stops you…like a slug in the chest! Shocks you…like a kick in the face! Holds you…like a gold diggin’ woman.” — 1953 Lobby Card
    in Film
  694. Aussies Beat India By 31 Runs in First T20 International.
    Australia vs India, 1st T20I, Homebush Bay, Sydney
  695. Etta James - Her Legacy Continues through Rhythm N Blues Foundation Donations
    Etta James's family requests donations go to the R&B Foundation to support artists in need.
  696. TripAdvisor Barred from Claiming Reviews are Honest, Real
    A UK watchdog agency barred TripAdvisor from claiming its reviews are honest, real.
  697. NY Library's Cool Tool Turns Ancient Photos into Animated 3D GIFs
    The New York Public Library has created a unique tool that makes animated and 3D GIFs out of 100-year-old stereogram style images.
  698. Are Those People Flying Over New York City?
    With teen angst superhero/villain movie Chronicle upcoming, one marketing firm created unique RC planes to generate interest.
  699. Convergence Trends and Innovation at CES 2012
    Exploring some of the exciting convergence trends from CES 2012
  700. Dark Horse Comics - New Release Reviews For February 1, 2012
    A Weekly Review Of Dark Horse Comics' Newest Releases So You Don't Waste Your Time
  701. Pro-Lifers Give Thumbs Down to Life Saving Breast Exams
    Susan G. Komen has been responsible for funding 170,000 breast exams through Planned Parenthood.